Nobunaga’s Black Rayquaza – JP Download!

  Starting on March 17th via WiFi, the release date of Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Amibition, and ending on April 16th, Japanese Black/White owners can download this extra special Shiny Rayquaza!  In my personal opinion, this is one of the best shiny legendaries in the series! It’ll be at lv70 and have the following moves: Dragon … Read more

Nobunaga-licious Details

The official Japanese site for Nobunaga’s Ambition has been updated! – Downloadable “Episodes” will be released over WiFi which feature narratives (cool!) – First two episodes revealed. The first features how Motonari and Motochika became friends. The second episode is “Wandering Kabuki Actor: Keiji’s Story – New Busho revealed! See them here Now it’s time … Read more

CoroCoro Details New Nobunaga Info

…we just can’t read it yet! Bluuuuuurry scan. Please do take note of the upgraded armor on the protagonists though. Looks like a cool feature 😀 There are a few new busho names and their Pokemon, but I’ll make a page detailing them later tonight. Their images are more important to you probably than their … Read more

Pokémon + Nobunaga’s Ambition: NEW TRAILER!

httpv:// Had to wait until I got home from work to post 😡 Anyways, here it is!  Be sure to read the post before this one for all the new details!  I’m wondering what other kinds of shortcuts Pokémon will be able to create… the ivy idea sounded pretty cool for grass-types. A huge thanks … Read more

+ Nobunaga: New Details! (UPD)

[reveal align=”center” title=”Show Gallery” ] [/reveal] The official site has updated with new information and pictures.  First I’m going to go over the description of how battles take place as there are a lot of finer details to note.  There will be more posts in this series. 🙂  Alright, now for some battle details (some … Read more