+ Nobunaga: New Details! (UPD)

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The official site has updated with new information and pictures.  First I’m going to go over the description of how battles take place as there are a lot of finer details to note.  There will be more posts in this series. 🙂  Alright, now for some battle details (some I we have already gone over, but I’d like this post to be more comprehensive, new revelations have been bolded):

    – Battles can occur with up to 6 people fighting per side

  • – In the beginning of each battle, all Pokemon will be put out on the field
  • – There are two conditions under which a battle is won: All your opponent’s pokemon are defeated OR all flags (?) are captured
  • – Pokemon must navigate the battlefield, but some can jump or fly over obstacles
  • – If a Pokemon attacks nearby a complementary typed teammate damage will be increased
  • – Various potions available
  • – Defeated Pokemon can drop treasure chests containing gold and items
  • – Generals can have special powers to be used during battle, such as increased mobility for Pokemon (main character’s power)
  • – Attacks have different ranges so be careful of your opponent’s proximity
  • – Provinces have a variety of locales, including caves and rice fields
  • – Wild Pokemon and unaffiliated Generals are in these areas and can be recruited after impressing them in battle
  • – You can raise your army’s strength by cultivating bonds with your pokemon
  • – After eating ‘Ponigiri’ (onigiri = rice ball, combined with the word Pokemon) can increase “tension
  • – Various shops exist and sell items you can use in battle
  • – You may battle neighboring provinces in order to expand the land you’ve conquered and take over their castles
  • – Neighboring provinces may also attack you
  • – When playing against a human opponent you may select up to 6 Generals from your game and they may do the same (6v6)

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