At least, that’s the way it looks 😉  Straight from 2ch, here’s a leak of the cover of CoroCoro.  More when it comes!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Give your thoughts on this ‘My Little Pony’ Pokémon!

  • the incredible oak

    I am so sick of MLP. *A*

    But I really like keldeo so I am at an impasse (with myself). My friend likes it too, and what we’re not looking forward to is the inevitable deluge of keldeo fans. WE WERE INTO IT BEFORE IT WAS COOL.

    I can’t actually read japanese lol so you’re going to have to help me with where it mentions keldeo exactly. .__.

    (PS I have been confused several times by our usernames being underneath our comments. Any way to change that? xD)

    • It actually doesn’t ‘say’ anything 🙂 Look at the green text at the top (pokemon in Japanese) and you’ll see Keldeo’s silhouette!

      And as for the comments… I’ll see what I can do 🙂

      • the incredible oak

        LOL, OH. Thank you. That was a fail oversight on my part. .__. -trying too hard to look at the rest of the cover. They put too much stuff on it.-

  • cannt wait to see its artwork it is my favorite of the musketteers next to terrakion also it has a good design maybe it will have something to do with grey

  • It’s 20% cooler!/*shot*

    I’m actually interested in how Keledo will be used, so I’ll be looking forward to it.

  • My Little Pokemon: Catching ‘Em All is Magic

    (MLP is AWESOME! :D)

  • Michael M

    Friendship is Magic.

    now for my true opinion. Keldeo is my favorite Legendary.

  • Reece

    “My little pony, you’ll always be in my heart!”
    But seriously…I think we all didn’t see this coming, it’s like they pulled Keldeo outta’ thin air(!)

  • keldeo is one of my fav legendary pokemon as 2 whether keldeo’s design is based on MLP I really dont care cause in the back of brain being old enough to see the original MLP back in the early 90’s, i dont see much resemblance, I never watched the new MLP so I dont have any idea, as of the moment I only hope that this new movie is a little bit better pokemon movie compared to the pokemon black/ white Victini and Reshiram/Zekrom. Cause watching those 2 movies I thought I was on the Digital Word or Parallel Universe of pokemon, I cant really figure which of the 2 is the cannon for the anime

  • Keldeo= cute event legend 1, melota=cute event legend 2, genosect= badass event legend
    btw when b/w first came out in japan & images of all pokemon were found, i showed keldeo’s image to a little girl, i told her it was CUTE, she disaggreed, thats a second opinion from a girl

  • Mucrush

    Its not coming from 2ch, its from Twitpic 😉

    • Might I suggest, “Red Daring”? :3

      • Wow, I dun derp’d, That comment was meant for the guy below… 6_9

  • …Now that you mentioned MLP, I feel like Keldeo needs a proper earth pony name…

  • belmad

    My little pony?

    • ant

      yeah thats what there talking about. at first it took me a little to figure that one out as well. lol. aside from that im looking forward to the 15th movie! can’t wait for kyerum’s new forme persumably.

  • EliteEmperor

    Just wondering, but are you gonna do giveaways of the 15th anniversary Rayquaza? If not it’s okay, just wondering if you might.

    • Hehehehe.

      Maybe :> Most likely if I do it’ll be an MMC giveaway to celebrate the 6 year anniversary of our forum.

      • EliteEmperor

        Wait, this is going to be your 6th year!? Or is it coming up in a couple years? Anyways that was the most fastest reply I have ever gotten! xD

        • I’m leaving for work now, so no more fast replies from now ;-;

          And it’s Mount Moon’s 6th year. pokejungle’s 8th year 🙂

          • EliteEmperor

            Oh yeah, I forgot you live in Japan. Wait, you do live there right? I’ve been coming to this blog nearly everyday for the past 2 months because during school I have a period where it’s really boring and we get to use your phones and go on computers. Gotta go, cya.