Posting this a bit early, but happy 4th to all Americans~   I will be at work for the day, so I wanted to get this up now @_@;  Enjoy the fairs, fireworks, etc

No new news on the gaming front, all is calm.  Hopefully that means there is a storm of information waiting to hit?  We’ll see.  I have also been collecting rumors so I have enough to do a full post on them in the near future 🙂

Also been working on running through Ranger: Shadow of Almia since I realized that I had never played those games before and it might be interesting before Guardian Signs drops.  So far it’s been a mixed bag, but I’m looking forward to doing a review on it soon! [ ps- has a bunch more wallpaper downloads ]

<3 pokejungle

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  • Keyblader Jahu

    UGH, I remember that mission in the original Ranger. So annoying. x_x For a while, I was considering selling the game off or something, but then remembered that at the end, I could still get a Manaphy egg out of it. The game has grown on me since. 😛

    I’ve been told that the mechanics are much nicer in SoA and the story is better, but I’m still not sure if I want it. :/


  • ozymandis

    ya i never really got into the ranger games…DX