Rumors of new Pokemon

Yes.  There are rumors that a new pokemon has “big eyes” and “pointy ears”.  OH. MY. GOD.  That only fits about 350 out of 500 pokemon that have been created over the years.  Frankly I don’t know why this was even newsworthy which is why I didn’t bother posting it when SPP put it on their front page this morning.  But apparently I have to waste a news post about it just to make sure you guys know that yes, I am aware that there is going to be a new pokemon revealed (like we thought the first 10 or so were going to be it for the 5th generation?).

Also PokeBeach posted a translation of a blog post that went up last night basically saying there’s a new pokemon called Nezumimi that’s mouse-ish (no surprise there, nezumi is mouse).  Also Reshiram’s tail shoots fire as it flies and Zekrom generates electricity from it’s tail.

So there you go.  In case you don’t look at either SPP or PokeBeach (I do feel moderately obliged to make posts as if people only visit my site), but frankly I find the interest in this “rumor” a little overblown.  I’ll wait until there are pics I can post to actually get excited.  One good thing came of this though, a new category for blog posts “Who Cares”.

EDIT: I’d also like to point out, because I haven’t really seen anyone else, that the blog post also mentioned DSi being used as a videophone for up to 4 people.  Really?  Is that supposed to be a new feature of Black and White?  Wat?

<3 Paul

ps- I do like rumors… but I don’t just like posting 1 vague promise of a generalized pokemon and trying to market it as news.  Although if you guys want another rumor, Grass Mixer, Shell Blade, and Nitro Charge may be special moves exclusive to the starters.