Victini & Pokemon the Movie

So, have you downloaded your Victini via WiFi yet? It’s now available for those in the United States, England and Australia! Exciting huh?  We reported on this earlier, but now it’s finally live… and you guys probably needed a reminder.  Ends December 31st, so I’d suggest getting it sooner rather than later.  Comes with the moves … Read more

Japanese BW Owners: This Post is for You

Many of you who have the Japanese versions of Black and White will enjoy hearing that Lucario will be available soon through a download via the Global Link. Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu will be releasing a password for it this month. The Lucario comes with its Dream World ability Justified, along with the move Bullet … Read more

Hi all~

It’s pokejungle. How are you? Did you know the Victini download via WiFi starts this Saturday?  Or that the voting for the Pokemon that gets chosen as a wifi download ends soon? Just a PSA post.  Now it’s off to work.  Finals end NEXT MONDAY for me so after that I will suddenly have time … Read more

New C-Gear Skins Coming to Japan

  Starting on July 16th, a new Victini C-Gear Skin will be available to download from the PGL to commemorate the two Pokemon movies coming.  These will only be available to Japanese versions of Black and White for now. Also coming to Japanese Black and White games is new C-Gear skins that can be downloaded … Read more

It’s official: PGL to open!

Pokemon’s official site has finally fessed up and restored the article announcing the Pokemon Global Link!  You’ll be able to play very soon (tomorrow for me) on April 13th!  I’m super excited to finally be able to try the Dream World out :3 <3 pokejungle ps- If you haven’t gotten Black or White, Amazon has … Read more

WiFi Events

Just as a small note, I feel I should mention this because SPP did: June 26th – July 16th = Jirachi (US/EU/AU)  –  *June 25th is end of “Winner’s Path” for HG/SS (US/EU/AU) June 15th – July 14th = Gūn’s Scizor (JP)  Anyone downloading this?  I bought Diamond in Japan so I know I will … Read more