Victini & Pokemon the Movie

So, have you downloaded your Victini via WiFi yet? It’s now available for those in the United States, England and Australia! Exciting huh?  We reported on this earlier, but now it’s finally live… and you guys probably needed a reminder.  Ends December 31st, so I’d suggest getting it sooner rather than later.  Comes with the moves V-Create, Fusion Bolt, and Fusion Flare! It’s lv50 and has a Fire Gem.  In case you’re curious about it’s special move (previously unobtainable through normal gameplay) it has a base damage of 180, but lowers Victini’s Sp Def, Def, and Spd by one stage.  Ouch.

The other topic we have today (which goes hand in hand with the download) is the movie premier!  This weekend is the limited theatrical release of both the White and Black movies in the United States.  Did anyone go?  If you didn’t get a chance, the movie WILL be airing on Cartoon Network on December 10th.

<3 pokejungle