RUMOR: Kyurem has a second forme?!

Wow.  I have missed reporting on rumors.  I mean really missed it.  Miss the comments, the speculation, the haters, everything.  But thanks to our friends at PokéBeach we now know that there is definitely possibly a second forme for Kyurem! They cite some ROM data that shows there is a placeholder for the alternate forme. Not super … Read more

Starters Untamed: Unova

Hi, everyone!  Mr.Bojingles here. It’s been quite some time since I’ve surfed Pokejungle (let alone write an article). Some might remember me being in Europe for a while finishing school. Well, since then I’ve finished and landed a pretty decent job on salary. However, I’ve taken a teaching job in South Korea! I leave next month and will … Read more

Fanart Gallery: Gen V

FINALLY it’s time for me to present you with some of the AWESOME work of talented PJN viewers!  This first gallery’s topic was anything pertaining to Generation 5.  Got lots of art, so I limited it to 2 pieces by each artist if they submitted more than one. Looking forward to do more of these! … Read more