This is a girl from Gundam age.  Example of what happens when I don’t have enough time to check stuff out.  Hope you guys had thinking about Gen III though 🙂 <3 pokejungle

More Sugi Art! (UPD)

Since the guidebook JUST got released today (it’s Saturday 8am at the time of writing) we’re now getting new images of the pokemon and gym leaders/E4.  Open the spoiler to see for yourself! 😀 [spoiler] [/spoiler] Unlike some other sites I’m gladly willing to pay due credit to ShellSpider for collecting and compiling the images. … Read more

Kumashun Sugi Art! has taken a screenshot of the latest Pokemon Smash which revealed the official art :]  Adorable!  Hidden in the spoiler: [spoiler][/spoiler] Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!  Time for me to drink :] <3 pokejungle