This is a girl from Gundam age.  Example of what happens when I don’t have enough time to check stuff out.  Hope you guys had thinking about Gen III though 🙂

<3 pokejungle

  1. A Gen III remake would make me so happy. It’s my favorite generation; I just love it! Do you really think this could be hinting at that so early? … With the captain guy, I could see him being a new and improved Archie.

    Curse you, now you got me all excited thinking about Gen III remakes. If it is Pokemon related, I hope it’s not some retarded spin off… At least let these characters be part of the third game to Black and White.

  2. I think that BW has already had a minor tip-off of a gen III remake… In Undella town, during summer, there are a couple residents who visit from Hoenn, both making reference to the land. I’m fairly sure that none of the other lands were referenced by an NPC that isn’t from a past game.
    Platinum had similar tip-offs, with many people suddenly referencing Johto where in DP they had not

  3. I would love a Gen III remake. But, isn’t it a little bit early? Maybe, the girl is a new heroine for RSE, as a replacement of May?

    The captain man can be Archie, like kinganteros said, but also Drake, I think.

    Or, maybe it’s another spin-off, like Pokemon Ranger for example. I could see her in one of those games too. But I seriously hope it’s a RSE remake.

  4. By the way, if this would be a Ranger-game, the thing with the 3 in it could be a new campture method.

  5. Agreed, 3rd Gen remakes would rock. They’re also my favourite region. They’re the only region where I actually liked the grass starter too, and where I liked more than one grass type in the whole region (Treecko famlily and Tropius). Well, apart from Unova, but my likes in that region are very recent (Deerling line and Sewaddle line).

    The Captain could be a Team Aqua Admin if it is a 3rd gen remake, no? Or a key character like a sailor from Slateport or something. The woman next to him (you can only see the head) might be the Magma Admin.

    And the girl in the middle I’m guessing is a rival, and they’re doing another Bianca/Cheren, where there are basically four characters, two are rivals, and the other two are you.

    Of course, this is only if it IS a 3rd gen remake. It might be something completely different. It could be a new Ranger game (Heaven forbid. I hate the Ranger games.). Or maybe it’s Gray already being announced (which I doubt), the new 3d Wii title with a storyline (Another one I really want, I loved Collosseum) or a totally new spinoff.

  6. I want an updated Sapphire SO bad! D: I loved all of the gen. III games. It was the first generation I actually bought all of the versions from, because I liked the games so much.

    Something about the eyes looks… odd to me. Not quite like the traditional Pokemon style. If this is Pokemon, I might say spin-offs, since that’s usually when they change up the art style. Maybe a Wii game? (wishful thinking) But then you’d think they’d be showing off 3D models, not flat concept art…

    I really don’t know. I’d love to see the full page/read a translation of the text. I’m sure it’d explain tons.

    1. @Alex *looks up Gundam Age* You are right, this is a Gundam series, and it is said that it will be made partially by Level 5 (the company that makes Professor Layton), but why on Earth would Ken Sugimori of all things post something Gundam related on his twitter? Was he hired to do the art for the series? Is he a Gundam fan? We may never know…..

  7. it’s not that i liked gen III games or hated them either,I just didn’t enjoy them as much… don’t know why. I hope that this is Pokemon Gray/Grey as I thought that the captain was one of the subway masters at first and this new girl could be play a part in N’s young life…?

  8. alex is right . this is from gundam age the new gundam show i just googled it and that girl came up

  9. While I do want a RSE remake (actually what I’d really like to see is a paired remake of Emerald and Yellow, the complete versions of their respective gens) I’m just not seeing it in the art. The style is much more similar to that of Ranger which is more likely to get a 5th gen version before we get another actual 5th gen game. I would like to see a new Mystery Dungeon as well before a new main series game. Give them more time to work on it, and maybe unlike Black & White they’ll include the multiplayer battle and fun features from HGSS that were absent.

  10. Just because Sugimori drew it, doesn’t mean it’s Pokemon.

    Also, PokeJungle isn’t a good source for ANY info on upcoming stuff. He’s too guillible. Remember that fake PMD3DS thing he posted?

  11. I really like that new girl! I hope she will have a good part in… something!
    And IDK if I want a GenIII remake now, isn’t it too early? =()=

  12. Really guys? This isn’t Pokemon at all. That’s one of the main protagonists – Emily – from the upcoming Gundam AGE anime project.

  13. Oh, this is from the new Gundam Age series. That’s interesting, is Ken Sugimori working on this, or is he also a fan of Gundam?! 😀

    1. @chanchimi He’s apparently a fan of Gundam, as the Gundam Wiki does not list him at all as one of the workers on this anime…..

  14. I just recieved word that this is not a new Pokemon game, or a video game at all for that matter, but promotional art for a new Gundam anime series called Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, and all the art seen on this scan is here:, But the article and all related links do not mention Ken Sugimori once, despite the art being in an eerily similar style, so why would Sugimori post it on his twitter? He’s obviously a Gundam fan, yeah, I’m going with that…..

    On the upside, it’s made be Level 5, the people that make Professor Layton, on the downside, it’s unlikely it will come outside of Japan (given the disaster that was Gundam Seed Destiny, and the death of Toonami, and the fact that there are not that many anime dubs on American TV like there was back in the early 2000s), and on the really downside, we are gonna get yet another Char clone, but that’s something EVERY Gundam series has

    It’s going to be a while before Game Freak makes the next Pokemon game, but I don’t really want a Gen III remake just yet, I’m more looking foward to Gray Version, and I would really like to see a new Mystery Dungeon VERY soon…..

  15. The other guy in the picture is Grudech Aynor, Captain of the battleship Diva of the Earth Federation Forces btw.

  16. I do believe… after careful research and nosey-ing around on the web, this pic is of Gundam Age: the girl is Emily, the captain looking guy is Grudech Aynor, the woman at the bottom is Miles Aloi and the boy on the right is and Kio Asuno… looks like a dissapointment for the Pokemon fans+world 🙁

  17. I’m probably one of the few people not so excited for a 3rd gen remake. OTL. It wasn’t my favorite but not my least favorite either haha. But I can see with a remake I’ll probably like the region more.

    But it looks like maybe a new ranger game? What ever it is I’m really intrested to see what it is! The design for the girl is really nice, and the boy who is cut off seems like he might be a main character. Can’t wait to see more. :>

    And I haven’t seen any of the new gundam series, I only watched the old ones way back when they were on Toonami, but from what people are saying it’s cool he’s into the series, one of my favorites from when I was little 😀

  18. i do remember reading that the game freak team was working on a completely unrelated game that had nothing at all to do with pokémon…

  19. …So, now that we know this is from Gundam… >>;

    re: RSE Remakes?: Oh, dear, just the IDEA makes me feel old! ;~; What I’m wondering, though, is what sort of new gimmick they’d add to the game?

    1. It won’t be Genosect. it doesn’t go along with what your saying. If it’s anyone it’ll be Mewtwo. Deoxys is 3rd gen and was first catchable in Kanto aka the first gen.

  20. i’ve heard they where working on a game with al regio’s in it

    other wise i would like a RSE remake and it also would be logic
    beacus after RSE they made a remake of blue/ yellow, red, and green
    after DPP they made a remake of the GSD game’s
    and maby now after BW a RSE remake

  21. The biggest giveaway is the introducing of HM Dive. Dive has no primary use on gen 5 except that underwater ruin where you gather the plates for Arceus. In gen 3, dive was one of the main HM which was linked to the story (i.e. getting the regies).

    Another interesting thing that points out the remake of gen 3 is the introduction of many GEN 3 pokemons within black/white (ex: swellow, lotad, etc). Now the interesting thing which could be debated is weather both ruby/sapphire will get a remake or will Emerald get a solo remake. I state emerald is because there are a lot of clues in the games (from d/P/P to B/W) which refferes to Raquaza but thats my personal opinion.

    So bottom line is gen 3 is going to get a remake for sure but it’s most likely going to come out after the 3rd version of B/W (most likely will be called Gray)

    1. Well, I don’t know about them just making a solo remake if Emerald, because they having two different versions=more money. And I think they’ll probably just combine the three versions togther, but still have them different enough so it doesn’t feel like the EXACT same game, example, the teams/lengendary plot. Like in HG/SS, they combined G/S with Yellow version (Pokemon walking behind you). Anyway, I would like them to have both teams in both games, but just have the main team relevant to the version be involved more in the plot, obviously. Or maybe after you beat the main storyline/E4, you can run into the other team post game, and have a mini storyline? I have no idea. I just think that they’ll make two seperate versions, just with a lot of other activites to do, maybe even spunk up the contests? lol

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