Pokémon GO Fest announced for 2021

We covered a substantial amount of Pokémon GO news yesterday, including the introduction of new Kalos Pokémon to the game, but there’s even more to celebrate: the Pokémon GO Fest will be returning in 2021 as a two-day global event! Here are the official details: Mark your calendars—Pokémon GO Fest will return this year as … Read more

Details for May 2021 events in Pokémon GO

Xerneas and Yveltal arrive in Pokémon GO, plus other May updates

It’s going to be an action-packed month for Pokémon GO, with the primary legendary Pokémon of Pokémon X and Y arriving in the game. Xerneas and Yveltal will headline two separate events, with the deer-like Xerneas arriving first. Check out the full month’s breakdown from the official site: May 2021 events in Pokémon GO Save … Read more

Niantic Sustainability Campaign and Friendship Day details for Pokémon GO

New events for Pokémon GO have been announced, specifically the Niantic Sustainability Campaign and Friendship Day. We’ve gathered all the official details in our post below. Niantic Sustainability Campaign We’re excited to announce that the Sustainability Week event is coming! In partnership with the Niantic Sustainability Campaign, you and your fellow Trainers can earn in-game … Read more

Easter/spring event detailed for Pokémon GO

Are you ready for some egg-citing Pokémon GO news? Well flower crown Pokémon are returning, Mega Lopunny will make its debut and more! Check out the official details below: Spring has sprung in the northern hemisphere, and we’re celebrating with a spring-themed event! Look out for Chansey, Happiny, and some other familiar Pokémon wearing flower … Read more

Pokémon GO events, research & more for April 2021

The official Pokémon GO blog has updated with information for next month’s research breakthrough, raids, events and other details. Read on to find out what’s in store: Save Shadow Zapdos from Giovanni This month, Giovanni will have Shadow Zapdos in his grasp! If you haven’t already, complete the latest Team GO Rocket Special Research, The … Read more

Get ready for Weather Week in Pokémon GO

While the only weather we seem to be having in Minnesota is snow lately, the popular mobile game Pokémon GO will be boosting encounter rates soon for Pokémon prone to rainy and windy weather! Read the official details below: As the Charge Up event fills the air with electricity, we’re receiving forecasts of some wild … Read more