Bianca PokéDex Skin & 2013 Spring Friendly

Two bits of news from the Pokémon Global Link today. The first of which is the availability of a Bianca-inspired PokéDex skin for Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. It can be downloaded now in all international copies. The second small piece of news is that the 2013 Spring Friendly is open for registration. It … Read more

Deoxys Event Now LIVE & Dream World Dolls.

Players of the English versions of Black 2 & White 2 can now download the special Deoxys being given away over WiFi. The event is live until the end of this month and the Pokémon will arrive at Level 100 in a Dusk Ball and the moves Dark Pulse, Nasty Plot, Recover and Psycho boost, … Read more

Global Link Spring 2013 Friendly

The official Pokémon site updated yesterday with details on the 2013 Spring friendly tournament. Registration starts on the 9th of May with the battling period running from 17th of May until the 20th, three days in total. The tournament is a global event so polish up your skills. All players who qualify for the tournament … Read more

Global Link Pokédoll Downloads! [UPD]

Continuing the ongoing Legendary Pokédoll promotion, the next downloads have been announced. Members of the Daisuki Club and international players will be able to download the Mewtwo and Mew dolls by entering the special password that will be emailed to them. This password will be delivered on the 17th of May 2013, we will provide … Read more

Dream World Updates; Lugia & Ho-oh PokéDolls

Players from around the world can now add special Lugia and Ho-oh PokéDolls to their Dream World home. The dolls can be added to your account by accessing the Pokémon Global Link‘s Promotions page and putting in the password GOTSGOTS. This promotion will be active until May 9th, 2013 so don’t delay! Those who took part in … Read more

Mewtwo’s New Forme Leaked?

2ch has leaked what appears to be Mewtwo’s new Forme which will debut in the upcoming anime film. More details as they come. A more in-depth look: I actually posted this immediately before I started my shift at work so I didn’t get to expand very much on these two images. Currently I do believe that … Read more