Klink C-Gear up for Download

Want the above C-Gear in your English Pokémon Black/White game? It’ll be available starting later today through the Pokémon Global Link with the password KLINKCGEAR2012! We highly recommend you go check it out 🙂 IMPORTANT: This is your last chance to get these two skins: [list style=”orb” color=”green”] Crustle C-Gear = CRUSTLECGEAR2012! Pokémon World Championship = WCSCGEAR2012 [/list] Please also take note that you may … Read more

Klink C-Gear Skin (JP) & Arceus (English)

Alas, yet another Japan-only C-Gear skin!  Those of us with English games will just have to wait it out… I still want my crustle!  I do think this is a pretty well done skin though, lends itself nicely to the whole c-gear concept as well 🙂 If you have the Japanese game, you can download … Read more