Klink C-Gear Skin (JP) & Arceus (English)

Alas, yet another Japan-only C-Gear skin!  Those of us with English games will just have to wait it out… I still want my crustle!  I do think this is a pretty well done skin though, lends itself nicely to the whole c-gear concept as well 🙂 If you have the Japanese game, you can download this NOW without any password!

Arceus is now available for download! You can go to the Global Link website and enter the password “ARCEUSVOTE” to get it.  No special moves, no hidden ability.  Just… the PokéGod in all its glory. I actually don’t have it though, so I’m cool with this ;D



<3 pokejungle

pps- wtf… I’ve had this post done for 30 minutes and I forgot to submit it.  :<