Get Mega Pidgeot, Steelix, Heracross & Houndoom in Sun & Moon [UPD]

Been missing some of your favorite Mega Evolutions in Pokémon Sun & Moon? There’s a new event that will award players with Pidgeotite, Steelixite, Heracronite and Houndoominite if they enter the following code into Mystery Gift: AZUL This code is worldwide and it is not certain when it will stop working, so we suggest you redeem it as soon as … Read more

Pinsir & Heracross Distribution Live

Just a reminder to grab your Pinsir for Pokémon Y and Heracross for Pokémon X if you live in the Americas (thanks Café Com Oshawott). For those of you in the United States, you’ll be able to pick up the corresponding Mega Stone from participating GameStop stores and those of you in Canada will receive codes … Read more

FAKE: Heracross and Pinsir Pre-Evolutions?

The above image was done by a Serebii Forum user. Although the original article made it more than obvious that there was no real chance they were legitimate, at least we now know for sure 🙂 Still up for discussion… do you want to see a pre-evolution for these two 1 stage Bug-Pokémon or full on evolutions? Or … Read more