Today’s news brought to you by Zoroark

Toys ‘R Us will be giving away Zoroark in the US from Sunday the 18th (today for most of you) to Sunday the 25th!  This Zoroark is special because it has the move Snarl.  This is the first time people outside of Japan have gotten the opportunity to obtain this event-exclusive move (although at 55 … Read more

Victini Event EXXXTENDED

The Victini Event in which you can download the ‘Liberty Ticket’ via WiFi Connection has been extended until April 27th in both North America and Europe.  Use the extra time to nab the cute lil’ legendary! Remember that it appears at lv15 knowing the moves Incinerate, Confusion, Endure, and Quick Attack! <3 pokejungle ps- In … Read more

Ash’s Pikachu

Starting July 15th Japanese 4th generation games will be able to download PIKACHU via Nintendo’s WiFi connection.  It’s a very special one since it is Ash’s very own.  Here are the details: Male OT: Satoshi (Ash) Item: Light Ball Ability: Static Moves: Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Iron Tail, Volt Tackle Sorry I was late on the … Read more

WiFi Events

Just as a small note, I feel I should mention this because SPP did: June 26th – July 16th = Jirachi (US/EU/AU)  –  *June 25th is end of “Winner’s Path” for HG/SS (US/EU/AU) June 15th – July 14th = Gūn’s Scizor (JP)  Anyone downloading this?  I bought Diamond in Japan so I know I will … Read more