[RUMOR] Pokkén Fighters Demo Playable at E3

NOTE: Take all posts marked RUMOR as such; do not consider this information official or pass it on as such. Thanks! Pokkén Fighters, a title unearthed in a trademark filing, has surfaced again in a purported leak of E3 event information. Nintendo’s demos include the title, which is for the Wii U. Exciting, no?? As … Read more

Today At E3…

  As I think all you all know, today was Nintendo’s E3 conference! And unfortunately, other then a little 3DS Pokedex App shout-out there wasn’t any Pokemon related news…BUT that doesn’t mean Nintendo didn’t blow us away with something even bigger! Presenting the Wii U! Previously known as Project Cafe, this next-generation Wii comes with … Read more

Black & White: Tidbits

Alerted by PokeBeach, Gamespot’s E3 layout is indeed showing that Nintendo has plans to display at least some promotional pictures, videos, or materials regarding Pokemon Black and White.  Frankly I would guess it to be trailers that we have already seen… POSSIBLY translated to English.  Probably nothing too new for those of us who have … Read more