Mystery Egg Download! (UPD)

It’s been revealed that Kibago, Yanappu, and Mamepato can hatch from the egg you receive.  For those of you who get Mamepato: SUCKS TO BE YOU 🙁 Kibago would be nice… I don’t like Yanappu to be honest.  If you haven’t noticed this correlates with Ash (Mamepato), Iris (Kibago), and Dento (Yanappu) in the anime. … Read more

Darkrai Download

I was really debating whether to post this news or not because, for almost all of you, it won’t matter.  Darkrai will be given out in a select few shops across Japan starting two days after Christmas (December 27th).  This is not a WiFi download. The reason I decide to post this is that I … Read more

New Victini Download

Nintendo is getting tricky by releasing Victini *again*, though they made it sound like obtaining it was exclusive to the first month of Black and White’s release.  This one will be slightly different as it’ll have V-Generate. As you can see, this was announced as part of a larger “Black & White: 4 Present Campaign” … Read more

Ash’s Pikachu

Starting July 15th Japanese 4th generation games will be able to download PIKACHU via Nintendo’s WiFi connection.  It’s a very special one since it is Ash’s very own.  Here are the details: Male OT: Satoshi (Ash) Item: Light Ball Ability: Static Moves: Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Iron Tail, Volt Tackle Sorry I was late on the … Read more