Further Diancie Details Revealed, New Trailer

Pokémon has posted a new trailer for Diancie: They’ve also seemingly posted its shiny form, seen above. On the official site the Pokédex entry confirms it’s relation to Carbink as well. <3 PJ PS- We’re still looking for great gamers over at Retry Level!

Diancie Officially Revealed in CoroCoro Leak! [UPD]

Although fans have known about it for awhile, #719 Diancie has finally been revealed! This Fairy/Rock-type Pokémon will star in this summer’s movie. Its title has been updated to Cocoon of Destruction & Diancie.   UPD: Clearer scans confirm that Diancie has the ability Clear Body. Corocoro will also give out one time use serial codes to … Read more