First Trailer for Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION [LIVE]

The first trailer for the upcoming Pokémon film Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION will be premiering at midnight, just hours away from this article’s posting. You can watch live from the tweet we’ve embedded below which is counting down to the release. The title of the article will be updated when the trailer is finally live!

Amazing Pokémon Fusions by Official TCG Illustrator

You may not recognize his name, but artist Tokiya Sakuba (often stylized as TOKIYA) is the illustrator behind over 70 Pokémon cards in the TCG. On his Twitter account he sometimes shares higher resolution art for the Pokémon cards he has designed or images from his latest freelance projects. Awhile ago he drew some Pokémon … Read more

Eevee Tamagotchi Officially Announced!

In a surprise collaboration with Bandai, Tamagotchi will be releasing a special Eevee Edition which allows players to care for (and evolve!) an Eevee of their own. These will be released in Japan in January of 2019 and retail for about $20 US. The devices come in two colors, “I Love Eevee” (brown) and “Colorful … Read more

Mysterious ‘monpoké’ Trademark Registered

An application from Nintendo Co., Ltd., Creatures Co., Ltd. and Game Freak Inc. has been discovered which is for the trademark “monpoké”. The filing gives many, many uses of what it could encompass (such as beauty products, game program, etc) so it’s literally impossible to know just what the plans for it are at this … Read more

Oha Suta to Reveal ‘Shocking’ Pokémon News

The wait is finally over, Pokémon fans! Japanese morning variety show, Oha Suta, has revealed that they will be unveiling “shocking” Pokémon news that promises to be the moment a “new story begins”. The episode will air Thursday, May 31st, 7:05am JST. Check out what time that is in your neck of the woods: May … Read more

Four Unreleased Pokémon Designs Shown for First Time

A new manga (comic) has been released in Japan which details Satoshi Tajiri‘s life and how it lead up to the creation of the original Pokémon games. Tajiri is the co-founder of Game Freak, along with Ken Sugimori, and was chosen to be featured in the manga series which covers notable figures in Japan. Within … Read more