Real-life Pokémon fossil museum coming to Japan

Pokémon fossils have always been a big part of the series, starting with the very first games, as have the inclusion of museums. A new collaboration with Japan’s National Science Museum will bridge the gap between the Pokémon and human world, allowing fans to learn more about each at museums across Japan. The exhibit will … Read more

Pokémon Virtual Fest announced for Japan

Japanese Pokémon fans will be able to attend a virtual Pokémon celebration this summer! Using a Japanese social networking app called Cluster, the Pokémon Company has created a digital theme park that can be enjoyed from the comfort of one’s own home. The summer festival promises attractions, such as virtual rides, as well as missions … Read more

Pokémon’s latest YouTube video brings the series to the 1940s

The Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel has uploaded a video that riffs off the very early Looney Tunes videos. Its quite unlike anything fans have seen before! We recommend a watch! Leave your thoughts in the comments—would you like to see more animations in this style? Oh, and don’t forget to grab Galarian Corsola with its … Read more


Thousands of Pikachu (and Eevee) have once again returned to Yokohama, Japan this year. After taking a break from the event last year, I was eager and excited to make it back to see the biggest number of Pikachu ever. In this article I’ve given a brief write-up of my experience and some photographs for … Read more

POKEGENIC Trademark Filed in Japan (UPD)

There’s a lot of mystery involved in the latest trademark filing from Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures, Inc. Simply listed as “POKEGENIC” (although POKÉGENIC seems likely), the name is filed for use in a variety of projects which include many mentions of outdoor sports, art and not least of all, videogames. These filings are not … Read more

June CoroCoro Gives Better Look at Armored Mewtwo (UPD)

The next Pokémon movie, Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution, is a re-telling of the very first feature film. With new CGI graphics, designs for the characters and Pokémon have all been updated. One of the most exciting of those is Mewtwo in its power armor—a fearsome tool of destruction. Japanese magazine CoroCoro has now given us … Read more