Gold & Silver Guide: TM/HM Locations

Below are the names and locations of all 50 TMs found in Pokémon Gold & Silver. Please remember that unlike modern Pokémon games they are only usable once. TM01 Dynamicpunch Defeat Cianwood Gym TM02 Headbutt Ilex Forest or Goldenrod Dept. Store (¥2000) TM03 Curse Celadon Mansion at night—Speak to the man on the roof TM04 Rollout Route … Read more

How to use: Dunsparce!

Dunsparce is one of the real gems that was introduced in Pokémon Gold & Silver. While not celebrated for its competitive use, this “land snake” Pokémon certainly gets marks for its unique appearance and elusiveness in-game. Stats HP: 100 Attack: 70 Defense: 70 Special Attack: 65 Special Defense: 65 Speed: 45 With stats like these, … Read more

Pokémon Game Show: Sunday *Live Updates* [UPD2.5]

Good evening PokéJunglers, Our coverage of the PGS yesterday was a huge success, pretty much all information was posted here before any other site, so you know we’ve got your backs as far as news is concerned. Just imagine how much faster we would have been had it not been for the constant server errors … Read more

Unova Gyms UNTAMED: Castelia City

Hey there, everyone! I apologies for the lack of updates from yours truly as of late. I recently sold my computer and only just got my laptop. It’s been pretty hectic between that and packing up for my move to South Korea. I leave in two weeks! Craziness, I say!

So, for this next article of Gym Leaders: Untamed, we’re going to be discussing Black and White’s third gym, Burgh. This particular leader uses Bug -type Pokemon. To be quite honest, I’ve always found this particular gym to be quite easy. Bug types were never known to be that strong. Black and White, however, has introduced a slew of new and strong bug types. Regardless, Burgh is not too tough.

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Unova Gyms UNTAMED: Nacrene City

Hello, everyone! Mr. Bojingles here bringing you the second round of Gym Leaders: Untamed! Today we’ll take a look at the Nacrene City gym, home of Lenora, the normal type Pokémon user. [spoiler]By now you should have your pkmn in the late teens or early 20’s. When you do, you’re ready to take her on. … Read more

Unova Gyms UNTAMED: Striaton City

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful week thus far. Mr.Bojingles here, reporting with another new article series that I’ll be: Unova Gyms UNTAMED! This series will be focusing on tactics to use for beating gym leaders. I’ll also be analyzing their teams and movesets from a competitive standpoint. We’ll also be looking … Read more