April 2021 Giveaway: 4 Pokémon Fit plushies!

New month, new giveaway! Our partners for Pokémon merch in Japan, Meccha Japan, has graciously provided a special prize of four different plushies! Be sure to enter before April 30! April prize This month’s prize is actually a collection of Pokémon Fit plushies (known as Sitting Cuties in the US): Jirachi, Minun, Registeel and Metagross. … Read more

March 2021 giveaway, part two: Easter Pikachu plushie

This month is one Pikachu giveaway after another! As March comes to a close, fans from around the world have the opportunity to win this 2020 Easter Pikachu plushie! Second March prize This beautifully spring and Easter-themed plushie should make any Pikachu fan excited! It also features a little homage to Scorbunny in its hat … Read more

March 2021 giveaway, part one: Flocked Pikachu doll

New month, new giveaway courtesy of our merch partners at Meccha Japan! In fact, this is only the first of two that we will be having during March! First March prize This giveaway will be for the Pocket Monsters Flocking Doll: Pikachu! It is just over 5″ tall, but is endlessly adorable and surprisingly expensive: … Read more

Pokémon Doll House accessory giveaway

Yet again, we’re teaming up with our Pokémon merch partner Meccha Japan to offer some real fun stuff for fans to win! If you haven’t heard us mention them on Twitter, they sell Pokémon goods that often don’t make it out of Japan; using our code PKJ5 will even get 5% off your order! Giveaway … Read more