Alcremie plushie keychain giveaway

August 2021 Giveaway: Alcremie Extravaganza

Summer’s coming to an end in the Northern Hemisphere and we know how to sweeten the end of the season: an amazing giveaway with prizes courtesy of Meccha Japan! Their store sells authentic Japanese merchandise with worldwide shipping and we appreciate their generous support to hold these monthly giveaways. The giveaway will be open from … Read more

Pokémon giveaway for a Galarian Zapdos plushie

July 2021 Giveaway: Galarian Zapdos plushie

New month, new giveaway (as I often say). This month Japanese merchandise import shop Meccha Japan has given us a Galarian Zapdos plushie to send to one lucky winner! The prize One person will win a Galarian Zapdos plushie! How to enter Entry is easy and open to fans worldwide. Enter using the form below. Please note … Read more

June 2021 Giveaway: Hattrem Pikachu plushie

Once again, Meccha Japan has provided a prize for one PokéJungle reader to receive! This month, we’re giving away a Hattrem outfit wearing Pikachu plushie! This adorable stuffed toy was part of the Halloween collection, but it’s adorable all year round. Please be sure to enter by June 30. June prize One winner will receive … Read more

Giveaway for a sleeping Espeon plushie

May 2021 Giveaway: Sleeping Espeon plushie

New month, new giveaway! Our partners for Pokémon merch in Japan, Meccha Japan, has graciously provided a sleeping Espeon plushie for us to send to one lucky fan! Please be sure to enter by May 31. May prize The May prize is a sleeping Espeon plushie. It’s quite large and very soft! How to enter … Read more

April 2021 Giveaway: 4 Pokémon Fit plushies!

New month, new giveaway! Our partners for Pokémon merch in Japan, Meccha Japan, has graciously provided a special prize of four different plushies! Be sure to enter before April 30! April prize This month’s prize is actually a collection of Pokémon Fit plushies (known as Sitting Cuties in the US): Jirachi, Minun, Registeel and Metagross. … Read more

March 2021 giveaway, part two: Easter Pikachu plushie

This month is one Pikachu giveaway after another! As March comes to a close, fans from around the world have the opportunity to win this 2020 Easter Pikachu plushie! Second March prize This beautifully spring and Easter-themed plushie should make any Pikachu fan excited! It also features a little homage to Scorbunny in its hat … Read more