Garganacl – Scarlet & Violet Competitive Battle Guide

Could you imagine being interested in playing Pokémon Scarlet and Violet competitively, only to be met by a Pokémon who’s incredibly bulky, immune to any status effects, stalls with its moveset and, if that wasn’t enough, barely has any weaknesses due its Hidden Ability and Terastallizing?! Because, as of Series 2, you’ll no longer have … Read more

Gholdengo – Scarlet & Violet Competitive Battle Guide

With the release of a new Pokémon Game always comes a new meta. And even if people are just getting adjusted to the new meta, there’s one Pokémon who, due to their incredible signature ability, has been regarded as one of the best Pokémon in this OU meta. We’re talking about the one and only, … Read more