Pokémon VMAX – How Does It Stack Up?

Last time, I analyzed what we knew about Pokémon V to try and predict a few ways The Pokémon Company could spice up the game with the new Pokémon VMAX mechanic. TPC took their sweet time announcing the gimmick in full, but our new mechanic for the Sword and Shield era has finally been revealed. … Read more

Pokémon-V MAX — What Could They Be?

14 days until Pokémon Sword & Shield release!The Path to Sword & Shield is back! The Pokémon-V mechanic has already been revealed thanks to not only the initial World Championships reveal trailer, but also through the recently-announced “Starter Set V Decks” that will be released in Japan on November 29th. Pokémon-V appears to be similar to … Read more

ex and Beyond – A History of Multi-Prize Pokémon

Last time we talked about how the Pokémon Trading Card Game needed to take a step away from the big, beefy Basic Pokémon that currently dominate the meta and focus on bringing back some patience and planning to the game in the form of focusing on Evolved Pokémon. While my distaste for the current format … Read more

The Pokémon TCG Needs to Evolve

“I’ll Flare Strike for 230.“ “Full Blitz for 150.”  These are two of the phrases you could hear as early as the first attack of the game in the Pokémon Trading Card Game’s current Standard Format. The current state of the game is a perfect example of what people in the gaming community call “power … Read more