A Talk About Rocks

Friend: “I’ve watched the anime. Charizard is the most powerful Pokémon!” Ralph: “Palossand, use Stealth Rock.” Friend: “Charizard, I choose you! (see the rocks chip away half of Charizard’s health) WHAAAAT!!?? What sorcery is this!!?? Charizard, use Fire Blast!!!” Ralph: “I switch to Jellicent. It’s not very effective.” Pokémon is a great game. However, there … Read more

The Worst Pokémon type going into Generation VIII

It’s no secret that Pokémon has issues with balance. That’s why fans needed to create Smogon tiers—unlike in most other major franchises, where balancing issues are managed by the developers themselves. This issue goes all the way back to Gen 1 with the madness of Mewtwo and Psychic-type Pokémon. When I thought things couldn’t get … Read more