Cook Like a Galarian: Spicy Coconut Curry

I hope everyone’s hungry, because I have more curry for you to try while you work on your Galar Pokédex! Because Galar is Great Britain, obviously we have to do tikka masala, the most British of all curries.  Legend has it that the dish was created by immigrant Bangladeshi chefs out of two previously unrelated … Read more

How Pokémon Sword and Shield talk about the past

Pokémon: Sword and Shield are games that care about the ancient past.  Now, that’s nothing unusual: all of the original titles in Pokémon’s core series, barring Red and Blue, feature ancient ruins or revelations about the ancient past, and those revelations are plot-critical in all but Gold and Silver.  Almost all Pokémon games, as well … Read more

Galar, the Industrial Revolution and the Philosophy of Pokémon

28 days until Pokémon Sword & Shield release! Now there’s a pretentious title if ever I wrote one. It’s no secret that the British Industrial Revolution was part of the inspiration for at least some of the Pokémon, locations and themes of the upcoming games.  Galarian Weezing’s design is a clear reference to both the … Read more