Weather UNTAMED: Sunny Day

Hello, everyone! It’s been ages since I’ve posted. I had a bit of a stressful rut out here in Korea with loads of internal government changes that unfortunately affected my plans for next year, so I’ve had to job hunt. Paired up with graduate courses and extensive language learning has sucked up most of my … Read more

Pokemon XY Demo in Seoul, Korea

안녕하세요! Annyeonghaseyo!   I had the great pleasure to experience the demo of Pokémon XY here in Seoul, Korea. Nintendo was showcasing it at the COEX mall located in the Gangnam area. I arrived on one of the final days of the showcase, which initially lasted about a month. I arrived that afternoon expecting huge … Read more

Weather UNTAMED: Rain Dance

Good day, everyone. Mr.Bojingles here! It’s been quite some time since I’ve written an article regarding competitive Pokémon play. Between the new typing and the Mega Evolutions, I’m curious to see how the future of competitive play will turn out. Fairies bring a welcome addition to balancing out Dragon types, but I wouldn’t be surprised … Read more

Pokémon Center: Tokyo

Hello, everyone! Mr.Bojingles is back, here to bring you some exciting news on yet another awesome Pokémon adventure! So this past weekend was Buddha’s birthday, so Koreans celebrate it as a national holiday, thus giving us a long weekend. Epic! I had Friday off of work, so I decided to take this opportunity to go … Read more

Pokémon Town in Seoul, Korea

Hello, everyone! Mr.Bojingles here. It’s been quite some time since I wrote an article! However, after I came across these suckers, I just had to. . . A friend’s school was giving away tickets to 포캣몬타운 (Pokémon Town), and he happened to get his hands on some for us and a friend to go! I tried … Read more

Weather UNTAMED: Sandstorm

Hi there, Pokéjunglers! Mr. Bojingles here. It’s been a long time since I have updated with an article. School has been taking up most of my time out here in Korea. After 10 hours of teaching little kiddos English and then an online graduate program, I’m pretty exhausted when all is said and done. I’ve … Read more