February Giveaway: A Mew plushie from Japan!

It’s February, the month of Valentine’s Day and its accompanying pink decorations. That’s why we thought it would be the perfect time to partner with our friends at Meccha Japan to giveaway a pink Pokémon plushie… and what could be better than Mew?! February’s prize from Meccha Japan The prize: Meccha Japan is kindly supplying … Read more

Pokémon issues statement seemingly targeted at Palworld

Palworld, the survival game that recently launched into early access on a variety of platforms, features many creatures that range from cute to ferocious and many gamers and Pokémon fans have drawn similarities between the monsters and different species of Pokémon. Although there are no Pokémon characters included in the game, some similarities have raised … Read more

January Giveaway: A choice between Dragon Pokémon prizes!

It’s the year of the dragon and our friends at Meccha Japan, a website that sells Japanese goods to countries across the world, are helping us ring in the new year with a special giveaway that lets the winner choose which prize they’d like to receive! Learn how to enter below. January’s prize from Meccha … Read more

The Mythical Pokémon Pecharunt has been officially revealed! Plus new Mystery Gift

The new Pokémon recently revealed in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet‘s DLC epilogue, Pecharunt, has been officially revealed by The Pokémon Company. It is a Ghost/Poison-type Pokémon with the new ability Poison Puppeteer which will confuse opponents when they are poisoned by Pecharunt’s moves. It also knows the new move Malignant Chain which will leave … Read more