March and April Pokémon goods from Jazwares

Toy company Jazwares has some fun surprises in store for Pokémon fans this spring. Read below to find out more about the latest figures, sets and plushies you can expect at stores soon, if not already out!

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New additions to the Pokémon Select Environment line

The Pokémon Select Spring Forest Environment, Swampy Jungle Environment and Volcanic Cave Environment play sets will be coming to GameStop, Hot Topic and BoxLunch! Each includes two Pokémon figures. They should be coming in April.

You can check out previously released sets at Game Stop here.

Three new velvet Pokémon plushies

Eevee, Emolga and Phanpy are all getting velvet Pokémon plushies! They’ll be released at Target in the US, as well as stores such as GameStop, next month.

You can currently order velvet plushies of Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and Pikachu at Amazon.

New articulated 6″ Pokémon Select figures

You may already see articulated six-inch figures for Flygon and Toxtricity at your local Target! These figures can be posted in various ways and Toxtricity comes with a stand to help with stability. It’s worth noting that there are also Toxel and Toxtricity two-packs that look similar but do not feature the same articulation as the figure above.

Let us know in the comments below if any of these will be going on your wish list! I love that they included a blossoming cherry tree in the new wave of Environment play sets and plan on buying all three.

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