‘Life-size’ Larvesta plushie, other Bug-type Pokémon goods announced for Japan

Fans of Bug-type Pokémon should love the new items announced for the Japanese Pokémon Center: a ‘life-size’ (read: Pokédex accurate) Larvesta plushie and a new merchandise line, Bug Out!, dedicated to our favorite insect-like Pokémon!

A life-size Larvesta

Retailing for about $315 USD in Japan, this Larvesta plushie is close to its Pokédex size and measures almost 3 feet tall and 3.5 ft long! It also weighs almost 12 pounds, which is luckily much lighter than its 63 pound weight in the Pokémon world.

It is currently available to pre-order in Japan until July 1 and will ship in November. We have seen past giant plushies make it to the Western online Pokémon Center stores, so this may be available directly in the US, UK and Canada at some point.

‘Bug Out!’, a celebration of Bug-type Pokémon

The new ‘Bug Out!’ merchandise line features a lot of Bug-type Pokémon and includes interesting goods such as a plush Buzzwole pillow, plush Heracross bag, pin badges, a suncatcher and more! Illustrator WATARU336 contributed to this line of merchandise.

The goods will be released on June 4; did your favorite Bug Pokémon make it into the line?

It is unlikely that this will come to Western Pokémon Center sites but you can order from Japan through sites like our sponsor Meccha Japan.

Let us know what you think of this new merch in the comments below! As you may be able to guess, I love it and may need to buy it all! Don’t forget to join our Discord server!

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