2024 Pokémon NAIC Fantasy Team contest announced

Fans will get another chance to participate in a fantasy team contest, which debuted last year for the Pokémon World Championships, and have the chance to win some Pokémon merchandise! This time it will be running during the North America International Championships (NAIC) which take place June 7 through 9.

The fantasy team contest will allow fans to create TCG and video game teams based on eligible cards and Pokémon.

As for prizes, the top 100 finishers in each category will receive a Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet—Twilight Masquerade Booster Display Box and a Landorus (Incarnate Forme) Sitting Cuties plush and the top finisher will also receive a Pokémon Center Mountain of Discovery figure!

How to enter the Pokémon NAIC Fantasy Team contest

Registration will open on Friday, May 24, and close on June 6 on the contest website (which will open closer to when players can register). Unfortunately, the contest is limited to only US and Canadian residents.

There is a special early participating discount code for 10% off at the Pokémon Center for the first 10,000 US registrants and the first 2,000 Canadian registrants. The code will be valid until June 23.

Do you like fantasy team-type competitions? Will you be registering for this or plan to watch the NAIC matches? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to also join our Discord server.

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