Pokémon TV app to be sunset in March

The official Pokémon website has announced that the Pokémon TV app that allowed fans to watch a rotating selection of Pokémon anime episodes and movies. It has already been removed from both the iOS App Store and Android Google Play store, as well as Roku Channel Store, Amazon Appstore, Nintendo eShop, and Pokemon.com.

Fans who already had the app downloaded to a device will be able to continue to use it until March 28, 2024, after which it will no longer be able to play content.

Where can fans go to watch Pokémon anime episodes and movies?

Unfortunately, there’s no single streaming platform or digital store that has all Pokémon content available to watch. It is spread out on sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and others, but Pokémon has created an official list of where you may be able to find the season or movie you’re looking for.

Will there be a Pokémon streaming service in the future?

Some fans are wondering whether or not the sunset of Pokémon TV is to open the door for a new app or service. The customer service section of the site had the following message:

“We are committed to providing fans around the world with a variety of options for experiencing Pokémon animated content, and we are sunsetting Pokémon TV as we explore other distribution platforms that make it even easier to access the ever-expanding library of Pokémon content. We look forward to sharing information about additional platforms offering Pokémon animation in the future.”

It appears that Pokémon is still working on additional ways to make more content available. It is currently unknown whether they are working on a proprietary streaming service or will be working with a particular platform to increase the amount of animated content that is available in a single place.

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