August Giveaway: Sleeping Pikachu plushie

Trainers need proper sleep if they’re going to become the very best and we’re giving away a sleeping Pikachu thanks to our friends at Nin-Nin Game! Learn how you can win this adorable snoozing plushie, who can be a friend for your Pokémon Sleep adventures, below.

August’s prize from Nin-Nin Game

One lucky winner will receive a sleeping Pikachu plushie from the recent Japanese Pokémon Sleep merchandise line!

How to enter

Entry is easy and open to fans worldwide. Enter using the form below. Please note that you must be over 18 or have parental permission to enter. Entries are open until the evening of Saturday, September 2, US Central time.

Make sure to come back each day and get your bonus entries!

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*For legal reasons, the prize is worth $0 and we cannot bear responsibility if anything happens outside of our control, such as during shipping. Winner chosen at random, no purchase involved for entry.

More from Nin-Nin Game

Looking to buy items released in Japan? Nin-Nin Game ships genuine Pokémon merchandise, along with goods for many other franchises, all over the world! Here are a few highlights we think fans may like: a Poké Peace insulated lunch bag that may make your coworkers jealous, a cosmic Espeon and Umbreon accessory stand and a sleeping Slowpoke plushie!

Wishing everyone the best of luck! What Pokémon would you like to see get a super soft and squishy sleeping plushie? I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see a sleeping Sewaddle someday make it to market. Don’t forget to also join the Pokémon discussions going on in our Discord server!