Pokémon Scarlet & Violet New Trailer — Nov 8

With little over 9 days to go until the global release of Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, The Pokémon Company has surprised us with the announcement of yet another trailer. As soon as the trailer is released we’ll have it here as well as a breakdown of all the revealed information.

Latest Scarlet & Violet Trailer

New Information

  • Trailer is available and features Ed Sheeran’s Celestial
  • Trailer features a look at all of the things we’ll get up to on our adventures in Palea
  • Two new Pokémon have been revealed!
  • Pokémon HOME connectivity arrives in Spring 2023
  • New Tera Raid Battle have been revealed:
    • Charizard with Dragon Tera Type will be available available December 2nd – 5th and December 16th – 19th. This Charizard will come with the Mightiest Mark
    • Usually Charizard is not available in the games, but is exclusively available in the post-game, Black Crystal Tera Raids. It can only be caught once per save data
    • November 25th – 28th sees Eevee features in Tera Battles for an Eevee Spotlight event
  • Scarlet and Violet books hold records of expeditions to uncharted parts of Paldea
    • The two books mention mysterious Pokémon: Scarlet mentions Great Tusk while Violet mentions Iron Treads
  • Having save data for Pokémon Sword and Shield, Legends: Arceus, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl or Pokémon Let’s Go! allows you to receive special Rotom phone cases from a woman by the stairs in Mesagoza’s central plaza

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