August 2022 Giveaway: Win a Shinx plushie!

Once again, we’re giving away a Poké prize to one lucky winner, which was generously contributed by Meccha Japan. Check out all the details below!

August giveaway prize

One lucky winner will receive a Shinx plushie from the Japanese ‘My Rentorar’s Story’ line! It’s super soft and very cute.

How to enter

Entry is easy and open to fans worldwide. Enter using the form below. Please note that you must be over 18 or have parental permission to enter. Entries are open until the evening of Saturday, September 3, US Central time.

Make sure to come back each day and get your bonus entries!

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*For legal reasons, the prize is worth $0 and we cannot bear responsibility if anything happens outside of our control, such as during shipping. Winner chosen at random.

More from Meccha Japan

Our giveaway partner, Meccha Japan, is an online store that sells authentic Japanese goods to countries all over the world. Which is lucky, considering that many Pokémon goods never make it outside of Japan. This month we’re highlighting the large Croagunk bead cushion, large posable Inteleon plushie and arcade prize Venonat plushie!

Good luck everyone! Let us know your favorite Electric-type Pokémon in the comments below or on Discord!