Pokémon UNITE launches monthly membership

Called the UNITE Club membership, the moba Pokémon UNITE will be getting a paid monthly subscription service that comes with a range of benefits for players. For $9.99 per month (in the US), members will receive:

  • A first-time membership benefit of costume items
  • 40 gems a day
  • Monthly holowear
  • Trial unite licenses weekly
  • Trial holowear weekly
  • Unique portrait frames and chat bubbles
  • 10% discount on new fashion items

With forty gems a day and thirty days, that is a total of 1200 gems if you log in daily (you must log in and claim). You would normally be paying $19.99 if you wanted at least 1200 gems and it would net you slightly more at 1350 gems including the bonus ones, so this would be a good deal just for the gems alone. For the purpose of this comparison, we excluded the first-time bonus that doubles certain packs of gems.

For players who play daily, this could be a good way to get extra benefits and save on gems.

However, there are some notable drawbacks:

  • Free daily gems require logging in and claiming each day
  • UNITE Club trial holowear and trial licenses cannot be used in Ranked matches (the latter of which we should be thankful for)
  • Rewards require logging in on the platform you purchased the membership, either the Nintendo Switch, Android or iOS (and this includes for the daily gems)

Whether or not this is worth it will be up to individual players, but we’re interested in hearing your thoughts in the comments below! Personally, I’ve actually been playing UNITE much more as of late. The free Trevenant holowear sucked me back in, had to earn all those petals. Now I might as well stay and get the free Espeon license. Have you been playing lately?