Pokémon HOME adding support for Legends: Arceus, Gen IV remakes soon

The Japanese Pokémon website has revealed that Pokémon HOME will soon be updated to version 2.0.0, allowing players to connect and transfer their Pokémon between Pokémon Legends: Arceus and Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

UPDATE: Version 2.0.0 will be coming with the maintenance starting on HOME on May 17 at 5 PM Pacific Daylight Time.

When transferring Pokémon to a new game, they will learn the moves that would be natural for it in that software, but when you return it to its original title, it will still retain the moves you transferred it to HOME with.

Pokémon transferred from Legends: Arceus or Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will have an icon to denote their original game. The height and weight data from Legends: Arceus seems to also be retained.

Strange Ball

When you take a Pokémon that was originally caught in Legends: Arceus to another title or a Pokémon that was caught in a “modern” era to Legends: Arceus, it will be shown in a ‘Strange Ball’, a new type of Poké Ball.

Special distributions

If you deposit a Pokémon from Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl into HOME, you’ll receive Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup with their hidden abilities!

Similarly, if you deposit a Pokémon caught in Legends: Arceus into HOME, you’ll receive Rowlet, Cyndaquil and Oshawott which all have the highest Effort Levels.

New mobile HOME features

The smartphone version of Pokémon HOME will also be receiving additional features:

  • Ability to view game-specific Pokédex list
  • New achievement system which awards stickers
  • New profile customization that allow you to use stickers to create a custom profile card

While we don’t have a firm date of when this update will go live, it won’t be long! Are you excited!? What do you think about the special distributions? Let us know in the comments or in Discord!