April Fools 2022: Pokémon Sleep Re-revealed!

Remember Pokémon Sleep? We do. 

April first is already here in Japan and after a long wait, The Pokémon Company today finally shared new information on the long awaited Pokémon Sleep. The announcement was made quietly on the official Japanese Pokémon press site and clarifies what we can expect when it launches for avid sleepers later this month. 

Pokémon Sleep is set to change the way trainers across the globe interact with their Pokémon and friends, all through the power of sleep. 

Revealed first is that the game will utilise the power of millimeter wave 5G to enhance our sleep and allow us to interact with Pokémon in our dreams. The game will not support devices lacking 5G.

In the game, players will be able to set Sleep Stages within the app, during which phones will amplify 5G signals to alter their sleep throughout the night (or day if you’re a daytime sleeper!) Though the science behind the technology wasn’t made particularly clear, the developers state “the science is real”. In these stages, different Pokémon will appear in the dreams of players. These Pokémon can be caught and eventually will be able to appear in other Pokémon games when transferred via Pokémon HOME. No date was given for computability with HOME. 

Like Pokémon GO, the game will feature in app purchases. It was revealed that the game will offer a subscription-based route for players who really wish to take their sleep to the next level. Sleep Hours are a new currency that allows players to set the amount of modified sleep they receive each night. The longer a player is in modified sleep, the higher chance of a rare Pokémon spawning. Starting at $4.99 a month for 15 Sleep Hours all the way up to $99.99 for unlimited monthly Sleep Hours. Other pricing options are available, with promotions similar to those present in Pokémon GO in the pipeline.

For players who do not wish to pay a monthly subscription fee, Sleep Hours can be earned for free in game by banking Woke Tokens. These tokens can be obtained by using your phone after your set bed time, challenging other players to no-sleep marathons, and eventually, spinning PokéStops in Pokémon GO after bed time. As expected from a free to play title, there are alternative ways to earn Woke Tokens through in game currency exchanges and challenges.

On top of all of this, the announcement teased that battles will be coming to the game in some capacity shortly after release, though no further details were shared.

One key takeaway from the press release is that Pokémon Sleep is set to be unlike any other Pokémon game ever played to date. With opportunities to completely change how we live our lives and sleep our… sleeps. 

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly: the game received an official release date! With an early rollout starting in Japan, Australia and Canada on April 14th, followed by the rest of the world later in the month.

So, there it is folks. Pokémon Sleep! Are you excited about letting this game take over your life and offer new Pokémon experiences unlike any before? Yeah, same. But hey, Happy April folks. 

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