Leafeon Build-A-Bear plushie hands-on video

As a Grass-type fan (could you tell from the site name?), I felt compelled to make my first Build-A-Bear purchase when they released Leafeon last week. You can see it in the video I recorded below.

The good, the bad and the ugly

As a collector, the fact that the Leafeon is firm enough to stand is very nice. I want to display it on a shelf next to other Leafeon items, so it will be able to fill that role nicely. The main parts of Leafeon all look nice, including its leafy crest, ears and tail.

What I wasn’t too keen on was the price. I’ve always known BAB was expensive, but only selling Leafeon in a $65 bundle, paying $10 extra for shipping and, after tax, getting a final bill of $80 was not fun. I also was not too keen on the chunky proportions of Leafeon’s feet and body.

Finally, the ugly part of this purchase was finding discoloration behind one of the ears that looked like it could be mold. I have contacted BAB support about that and will update this article with the resolution or lack thereof in the future.

Update: Build-A-Bear has replaced the Leafeon plush free of charge and the replacement had no issues 🙂

Do you have any experience with BAB Pokémon plushies? Would the release of a certain Pokémon push you over the edge and convince you to buy one? Let us know in the comments or in the merchandise channel in our Discord server!