Halloween Pokémon merchandise for 2020 and how to buy it

It can be difficult for fans who love Pokémon merch to get their hands on it. Some is Japan-exclusive, some is US-exclusive and some are tied to physical locations during events or collaborations. Unfortunately, the Halloween goods are no different. The intent of this article is to show what’s available and where, as well has how to get it if you don’t live in a certain region. Let us know if you’d like more of these articles for future holidays!

Haunted Pokémon Village figures

These figures are somewhat unique from the usual plushies, folders and accessories that Pokémon puts out. They are a US Pokémon Center exclusive and the series includes (from top left, clockwise): Cofagrigus Crypt Figure, Gengar House Figure, Mismagius Charm Shop Figure and Mimikyu’s Costume Shop Figure. They are not overly large, with all dimensions being under 6 inches, but they are rather expensive at $40.

How to buy

  • US: Order from the Pokémon Center Online website
  • Europe, Australia & Japan: Request a friend buy them (there are no known importers for these figures currently, especially given their limited release through the PC Online website)

Halloween costume plushies & keychains

As is tradition, a selection of Pokémon are wearing costumes of other Pokémon are available in plushie form! There’s a Gengar Morpeko, Hattrem pikachu, Galarian Zigzagoon Yamper and Galarian Weezing Whimsicott!

There’s also a selection of plush keychains featuring Grookey, Scorbunny and Trapinch! One regional difference is that those sold in Japan feature a metal chain and clasp, while the US keychains have a plastic clip. The pictures above are of the Japanese versions.

How to buy

Halloween hats

There are three costume hats featuring Hattrem, Litwick and Morpeko (which is reversible). They come in a single size.

How to buy

  • US: Order from the Pokémon Center Online website (To be available in future store update)
  • Europe & Australia: Import from a site such as Meccha Japan (“PKJ5” = 5% orders of 40 GBP / 42 EUR)
  • Japan: Order from the Japanese Pokémon Center

Other Halloween goods

Japan also has a more extensive line of goods, including Pokémon-inspired hoodies, keychains and a number of items (including the mug above) which feature the Halloween 2020 art.

How to buy

Halloween gacha figures

These adorable figures come from gacha machines, the kind of toys found in capsule-vending machines, but Japan features a much better and higher quality selection than Americans are probably used to seeing.

How to buy

Unfortunately, due to how these figures are sold, collecting them outside of Japan can be very difficult. For those outside of Japan, you can try searching eBay or Amazon (affiliate link). Some import stores do sell complete sets, but I do not have any I can personally vouch for.

Happy Halloween!

What do you think? Any of these spook-tacular merch items catch your eye? I personally ordered two Haunted Pokémon Village figures, but the Halloween plushies are pretty tempting as well! Let us know in the comments what you like the most! We’re eager to hear your thoughts!

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