Pokémon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass Information

We are now less than an hour away from the latest information drop on the Pokémon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass! As soon as the trailer and information is released our readers can expect to find it here! The Isle of Armor will be released June 17.

New information revealed


  • Galarian Slowbro revealed with Psychic/Poison typing, the new ability Quick Draw and its exclusive move Side Arm Smash. This hits the opponent with physical or special damage depending on which will cause more damage and poisons them
  • Gigantamax Venusaur can use G-Max Encouragement when in its Gigantamax form
  • Gigantamax Blastoise can use G-Max Bombardment
  • Unseen Fist is Urshifu’s ability and allows it to bypass the effect of Protect on opponents if it is a move that makes direct contact. Wicked Blow is Single-Style Strike Urshifu’s signature move and allows it to always land a single critical hit, ignoring the target’s stat changes. Surging Strikes always land critical hits in a 3-hit combo
  • Regieleki, the Electron Pokemon, is the new Electric-type Regi. It has the signature move Thunder Cage which deals damage to the opposing Pokémon and then traps it in a cage that damages it for 4 to 5 turns, preventing it from switching out of battle or fleeing
  • Regidrago is the new Dragon-type Regi. It is known as the Dragon Orb Pokémon and has the signature move Dragon Energy, that deals more damage the higher the user’s HP is
  • Galarian Articuno is Psychic/Flying-type with Competitive as its ability
  • Galarian Zapdos has the Defiant ability with a Fighting/Flying typing
  • Galarian Moltres is a Dark/Flying-type with the Berserk ability

Isle of Armor

  • A special robotic Cramorant known as Cram-o-matic can be used to combine other items into new ones, examples given are Poké Balls and PP Ups
  • Burning Jealousy is a new Fire-type move that damages all opponents on the field, but can also burn any that have had their stats increased during the same turn
  • Grassy Slide is a Grass-type move that is boosted when used in Grassy Terrain
  • Max Soup can give the chance to Dynamax only Pokemon to gain the ability to Gigantamax
  • Restricted Sparring is a new battle style that limits which types of Pokémon you can use and restricts battle conditions

Crown Tundra

  • Dynamax Adventures allow up to four players to explode dens that Dynamax Pokemon live within. Once the Dynamax Pokémon has been found it can be battled and if you win there is a chance to capture it, while losing will kick you out of the den
  • Galarian Star Tournament will allow players to battle alongside other NPC trainers (Gym Leaders, etc) in Wyndon City
  • Peony is the trainer players will meet in the Crown Tundra, as he tries to fine the truth behind the tales of legendary Pokémon
  • Hidden Ability Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble are now all available in Pokémon HOME, if you transfer one or more Pokémon from Sword & Shield to the Nintendo Switch version of HOME.

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