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Gigantamax Venusaur

We got a lot of news today about The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra, both parts of the Pokémon Sword & Shield DLC Expansion Pass. The Isle of Armor will be released in just over two weeks, on June 17, and allows trainers to meet and train the new Pokémon Kubfoo.

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In case you haven’t yet, check out our previous post today and watch the trailer:

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  1. So what are your teams gonna be?
    I am gonna go in there with only my Shiny Slowpoke and catch everything I can but my end team for now is gonna be:

    Urshifu Rapid Style
    And currently deciding between: Druddigon/Tauros/Exploud/Emolga

    Still subject to change (except Scizor).

    1. Isle of Armor teams:
      Urshifu (Single Strike)

      Urshifu (Rapidash Strike)
      Slowbro (Galarian)

  2. Here are my thoughts about the direction the pokemon games are headed. They are raw opinions and may be controversial, but tbh I don’t care. I’m starting to agree with people who think someone else should take over pokemon game development. GF doesn’t seem to know what’s good or bad for pokemon anymore. Their best games still have big flaws and they don’t listen to fans. Even if they listened to the entitled whiny fans who spam twitter with thier protests the games might be better. They give the games tons of great content but forget to make the actual playthrough have meaningful gameplay. They add tons of QoL when what the games really needs is decent flow. They add a huge open world area and five it amazing co-op battles, and then the actual landscape is all but hollow shell. They give us great overworld encounters but then stupid easy trainer battles. They give us fun gym minigames and then laughably weak gym leaders. They give us great pokemon designs and then rush the project to the point that they can’t include lots of old pokemon in the game. They give us interesting characters but then an almost nonexistent plot. They add great looking scenery and art style but terrible graphics quality. The list goes on. Their priorities are wonk. The game is good but super flawed. They don’t spend enough time on a single game. They work super hard on content but forget to work on important aspects of the game. Do they even remember how to develop games correctly?

    1. Discalimer: I love pokemon sword and shield and had a blast with them, but it just saddens me to see game freak work so hard on a game that ends up being a meh of a pokemon game. I hope they fix a lot of the flaws in the upcoming dlc.

    2. You make some good points there but others I disagree

      I actually know from experience that some of the trainers are definitely not just your typical laughably weak Gyms (Gordie, Nessa and Leon all were pretty tough). I feel the plot this time was supposed to be the gym battle journey it’s very odd cause most times it’s almost the opposite where we go more towards lore of Legends and evil teams but the gyms are just mandatory hurdles to go through but now they prioritized the gyms over the rest.

      The rest I do agree with the graphics even compared to New Horizons are pretty bad and the flow is incredibly disjointed especially when you start the gyms much later than any other game and then if you technically discount the two times you backtrack you go gym to gym the entire game with nothing in between

    3. tbh i – as someone whose played these games for more than a decade – completely agree. Pokemon games should be better than they currently are. They haven’t kept up with other games. When I was a kid playing battle revolution, I never expected that in 10 years time the main pokemon game (now to be played on a home console) would have worse animations. Had so many dreams about the ‘future’ of the games back then

  3. How do I get the hidden ability starters in Mystery Gifts Home Mobile? It shows that my Pokemon I have in my account are there. I don’t get how to transfer them to obtain the starters with hidden ability.

    1. Transfer 1 pokemon to Home after June 2nd. If you already did then skip this step.
      On your phone app, go to the Mystery Gifts option, then to “Giftbox” option, You will see 3 new Gifts with the name “Gift for connecting to Galar” Number 1 to 3, open each one and that will add the HA starter to you HOME boxes.

  4. “Regidrago is made of crystalized dragon energy”.
    “Crystalized dragon energy”.
    Why do I get the feeling we’ll get a “Dragon Stone” or something to evolve Eevee into a Dragon-type?

  5. So how did these dlcs work? I gotta pay for Each?? How much? It seems like both are pretty Necessary 🙄

        1. Yes, they come out in 2 parts, Isle of Armor in June 17th and the other one later this year. Check the price for your region in the eshop.

  6. One missed opportunity with SwSh, is that it didn’t introduce a very tiny Pokémon that can only be found in Max Raids. Could the Expansion Pass fix this?

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