Welcome to DigiJungle!

Our site just Digivolved and we’re super excited to share this brand new Adventure with you all!

For years we’ve pondered how we can truly take our site to the next level. Always wanting the best for our fans and a way we can truly express who we are: the ultimate fans of Digimon. Today we are excited to announced that we are now officially becoming DigiJungle.net. We want to become the site where Digidestined gather – providing the fastest Digimon news and original, exciting content unlike any other site.

We’re got tons of projects planned and can’t wait to share everything with you, but for now here’s just a look at what you can expect from us in the near future:

DigiJungle Asks – our almost yearly series in which we ask you a mind boggling question

DigiShowdown – we’ll pit Digimon face-to-face in a race to find the best with haste

Tentomon Radio – the official podcast of DigiJungle.net! Tune in for our amazing antics and general awesomness

DigiDidgeridoo – did you do we we said you’d do?

You may have noticed our fancy new logo. It’s actually Japanese and it says デジジャングル which translates to DigiJungle in English. We thought we’d honour Digimon’s homeland with a fancy Japanese logo for the first month of our relaunch (and it just looks really cool, so whatever).

We are so excited for everyone to be a part of these exciting times here on DigiJungle.net and can’t wait to share countless unforgettable moments with all of our fans! Let us know your thoughts and opinions about this new evolution in the comments below.

Stay tuned for the first batch of our fresh content soon, but until then why not Like DigiJungle on Facebook and follow DigiJungle over on Twitter! If you just can’t get enough of DigiJungle, head over to our official Discord to take part in active discussions about everything and anything Digimon!