New Pokémon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass Trailers

Two new trailers for Part One of the Pokémon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass have been released and detail new information on what to expect when The Isle of Armor release later this year.


  • The Isle of Armor features a dojo where trainers gather to master their skills
  • Kubfu is obtainable from Master Mustards at this dojo
  • Tower of Two Fists opens up to trainers after completing their training and you can either enter the Tower of Darkness or the Tower of Waters – only one can be chosen
  • In the Tower of Darkness Kubfu can evolve into Urshifu and learn Single Strike Style, while in the Tower of Water it will evolve and learn Rapid Strike Style
  • Gigantamax Rillaboom has G-Max Drum Solo as it’s signature G-Max move
  • G-Max Fireball is Gigantamax Cinderace’s G-Max move
  • Gigantamax Inteleon has its moves transformed into G-Max Hydrosnipe
  • New League Card backgrounds and frames will be available in the expansion
  • The Isle of Armor launches by the end of June and The Crown Tundra is available this Autumn
  • Those who purchase the expansion pass before August 31st can receive Leon’s cap and tights via Mystery Gift

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  1. I guess these are to assure people that the DLC is still coming on schedule.
    Very excited for them actually.

    1. i recognize that this is very much wishful thinking, but what if the reason for the announcement-of-an-announcement and the mention of extended development time is because it’s Spring Man and they have to work out a replacement for his AT? if this opened the door for assist trophies to get promotions i’d finally have something to hope for with this pass

      i’m not holding my breath here tho lmao, still just feebly waving my Porky Minch banner

  2. I love how different the evolution method for kubfoo is. Also not mentioned is that GMax Cooperajah and Duralduron will spawn more in Sword while Garbodor and Charizard will spawn more in Shield starting today. The GMax starters are great but the only thing I dont like is Cinderace’s move name just in the same way i hate the name “Drum Beating” for Rillaboom. Like its literally a giant fireball… you couldnt get any more creative than calling it what it actually is? Same thing with Drum Beating. They could have named it “Bongo Bash” or something more… impactful? “Rillaboom! Use Bongo Bash” sounds a lot better than “Rillaboom! Use Drum Beating”

  3. Ok……so am I having a stroke or did we just get a mini direct out of the blue

    I’m legitimately asking

    1. I’m anticipating these though. Just hope there’s more content than what these trailers suggest. This just appears to be another battle tower.

      I will say I havent even touched Shield since Animal Crossing came out last week

  4. Glad to see the gameplay, looks nice, but I wish we had any actual news about the dlc besides Leauge Card frames

    Also ARMS 2 is coming 100%

    1. Really? I didn’t personally buy the first one but Im glad they’re continuing with it. Could you play the game without motion controls? If not they should consider adding non motion

    2. I didn’t even think about arms 2 possibly coming. You may very well be right there. Either way I’m fine with an Arms rep getting in since it will be a unique fighter. All I ask for is please give me crash bandicoot. He’s all I want.

  5. Either Spring Man is getting refurbished as a fighter and Ribbon girl takes his place or vice versa

    But this is the LAST thing I need is another fighter with insane reach, Simon was enough

    1. Spring Man getting the spot would be the best thing this game has given me since Ridley tbh, and I don’t even care about Arms

  6. So smash bros question. Who is the one character you want to make it in as dlc? The one character that will make you flip out. For me it’s Crash Bandicoot. The crash bandicoot games were a huge part of my childhood. Put so many hours into those games and crash warped was one of the first games I ever 100 percent as a kid. Like it crash were to get in I wouldn’t ask for anything else. And on an arms character coming in actually okay with it. New series’s rep plus it has potential to be a very unique fighter which is all I can ask for. I’m so curious who the other 5 are.

    1. For me? Amaterasu. Hands down, even though I haven’t technically finished her game.
      Kass would be dope too. Breath of the Wild really reignited my love for nintendo and got my into the zelda franchise with more gusto than ever before. He won’t get in cuz he already had a stage and remix but it would be cool.

  7. I can’t remember a time when a direct had so much information that excited me. Animal crossing having Leif return, the RHYTHM GAME in ringfit, arms in smash, just a really exciting time! Plus some really interesting shadow drop. I’ll probably get arms while I’m in quarantine since it’s a free trial, finish it, and then I’ll have a pretty good appreciation for the character in smash.

  8. I get Mustard’s full pun now, in Japanese Mustard is Masutado, and Master is Masuta, so he is MasutaMasutado.

  9. One thing that irks me is the lame G-Max names they pissed out
    Drum Solo and Fireball is so droll at least Hydrosnipe has a little creativity

    G-Max Forest Beat
    G-Max Inferno Strike

  10. Having a Kubfu for a living dex will be interesting.
    Either do a full playthrough and get it evolved, then reset and not full playthrough the DLC.
    Or playthrough enough to get it, box/Home it, then reset for a full playthrough to get one for the Urshifu you want.

    And if you want both Urshifu and one Kubfu, at current, that’s three resets, lol

  11. I didn’t even notice that they announced Arms is free for NSO members for 10 ten days
    More evidence that the sequel is coming.
    Probably gonna be the first announcement in the “E3” direct along with its new mascot as the fighter (who they’ll probably release later that day)

    1. The way they show all the Arm characters makes me think they picked from this current roster. If anything does come from the sequel I do think it will be most likely the new looks they probably will give the characters.

  12. Arms getting a rep is really really interesting for multiple reasons:
    If it’s Springman, they’ll have upgraded an Assist Trophy, which would open up the floodgates for wishlists featuring Waluigi, Skull Kid, Krystal, etc.

    If it’s Ribbon Girl, then she’ll be upgraded from a costume, which would open up a lot of possibilities.

    If it’s Min-Min, Twintelle, or Ninjara, then a spirit (in base game) no longer deconfirms a character.

    I think it could go either direction. It could very likely be one of those five because they seem to be the devs/ Sakurai’s favorites. But MAYBE they’re already in as spirits because they aren’t going to be a fighter. It could go either way. As many have said, it could also be a Koopaling situation with the alts.

    Bonus observations: The music is going to be fire. Stage should be fun, though I’m hoping if they go with the basic arena, that there’s the spring element on the sides. Also wondering how the spirit battles will go considering we already have five spirits in game with already existing battles.

    1. Personally hoping for Min Min. She’s got a cool design. She’d offer some female representation. She won that popularity contest in Japan so I’m assuming she has a pretty good shot.

  13. This looks good, I like seeing more of the fu’s. I think showing a new Pokémon we don’t know about if there are any, or expanding more on Galarian Slowbro might’ve helped too.

    Xenoblade looks good, I would like it if I can get it but that’s a money dependant thing.

    I have 0 connection to arms, I guess I could try it now. It’s not an exciting Smash fighter for me as of now.

    Bravely Default II is beautiful and I will definitely get it as one of my priority games. Downloading the Demo but might not be able to play it until Monday.

    Ninja game looks like Splatoon so it looks pretty fun I guess.

    There’s other games I might be interested in but am not sure and they are likely money I don’t have.

  14. If Arms is getting a sequel, they need to, among many other things, market playing it with a pro controller and show the motion controlls as a less inportant novelty. They could release a branded pro controller to go along with that idea

  15. If this year’s movie is postponed, what do you think will happen to Zarude? Are they going to release it before the movie, or delay the Pokémon too?

  16. Caught a stringfish and a marlin (the only two times I cast my line) on an island trip! Serious luck there! Now all the fish leaving by April are in the museum!

  17. Now that it has been confirmed that Kubfu evolves according to training in one of those towers, and you can only choose one, I think my theory about Klara/Savory having the other Urshifu form might be correct.

    Now, this makes me wonder if there’s a similar thing with those new Regis in Crown Tundra, as they share the same ruins.

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