Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX is out now

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX wallpaper

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, the remake of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team & Red Rescue Team for the Nintendo Switch, is now becoming available in various regions. It features a new look inspired by watercolor paints and updated game systems.

The game currently holds a 69/100 on review aggregation site Metacritic, indicating mixed reviews.

Let us know if you’ve purchased the game or plan to. Share what Pokémon you chose to become and who your partner is! If you want to make some friends on the Nintendo Switch, join our Discord server!

  1. If you were taken to the mystery dungeon world, what Pokemon would you want to be?

    As per usual, none-legend mythical or UB uwu

  2. I’ve been looking forward for this all week but it just feels a bit underwhelming

    The game is fun as ever but they made it far too easy…
    Sure younger audiences won’t complain (Cuz they’re dumb) but to us veteran players you can easily deconstruct how much childproofing they’ve done

    As a Cubone I’m just clubbing things to death but my Treecko partner (Homage to the fact I was a Treecko in the first game) is stealing all the action with Dragonbreath which just makes quick work of anything not Steel

    Also the TM shop has like all high end moves like fire blast ice beam focus blast and Ice Beam which I know I’ll need later but not this early

    I feel like it would’ve been a better use of my money buying the original game (or finding a rom)

    I dunno I truly don’t want to be “Oh this game sux Gamefreak R SELOUTS REEEEE” but im doing this til ACNH

    1. Probably Dragapult. Dont care cause I wont waste precious gems on his ugly ass.

      Poor Dragapult being stuck with him though.

  3. I can’t remember if I’ve already asked this, but what are everyone’s plans for their islands in AC?

    I’m planning on naming my island “Atami Island” named after the honeymoon destination that I got to stay at in Japan during my visit in 2017. It’s a beautiful beach side town with a wonderful fireworks festival, natural hot springs, and fun festivals. My island will be Japanese inspired as well so that every time I boot up the game, I get to go back to that fun trip in a way! 🙂

  4. So after playing the game 3 times now I feel like I can say it. Pokémon SwSh are my favorite Pokémon games. I know not everyone will agree with me and that’s fine. We’re all entitled to our own opinions. I just love how the game is mostly about your adventure through the region. Was such a nice change of pace from having to stop the evil team like the games have done since gen 3. And I love the extra stuff you can do like raids and camping with your Pokémon. Though I do wish they had handled gigantamax Pokémon better. Like I wish if a Pokémon has a gigantamax it automatically can gigantamax instead of having to hunt one down. Plus we got so many great Pokémon such as the Galar trio(love all of them personally), frosmoth, Impidimp line and Graploct to name a few. Plus I absolutely love the new cover legends though I’m admittedly biased with wolves being my favorite animal. Love the characters as well and how they developed some of them. Namely Hop and Sonia. Can’t wait for the expansion pass and I’m curious how gen 9 will turn out. Also adding that yes the dex situation does kind of suck. Hopefully they have that issue gone in gen 9.

  5. Ah forgot that was today, tbh I’d much rather talk about Onward

    This movie was AMAZING! It has all of the charm and magic of Pixar not only in concept, but literally
    The animation is just as beautiful as every other Pixar film, but this one takes a more grounded approach than something like Coco, but it’s not a bad thing at all
    The characters are very good and are very relatable in many ways and bring alot to the table
    The message is just beautiful
    Especially the surprising message of brotherhood which really is heartwarming a tear jerker

    I know most people here either loathe Disney or think they’re overrated, but I highly recommend this movie to all especially fantasy fans and siblings going to it

  6. So I have a possibly controversial opinion. A part of me wishes Pokémon go had never been a thing. Reason being it feels like we’ve gotten a lot less spin off Pokémon games since it took off. Not sure if there is a connection there but am I alone in feeling this way? Like I enjoy go but I’d much rather have more spinoff games

    1. Idk if its’ related but I don’t care about GO, whereas I would care about another Colosseum type game.

      1. What would be the point of a COlloseum game at this point tho? Main series is already in 3D, that was kind of the only pull for Stadium, Colloseum and Battle Revolution,

  7. Hot take: the fact that Gen 8 has four Magikarp-esque (weak with bad movepools, practically unusable) Pokemon in Dreepy, Snom, Toxel, and Applin just sucks and honestly makes getting these Pokemon earlier than intended an absolute chore rather than feeling they’re a bonus for trading or whatever. Blipbug also falls into this category but evolves reasonably so its fine.

    Compare that to Gen 7, which just had one: Wimpod, a direct Magikarp parralel.

    1. Wimpod also has an eject button, which shouldn’t have continued to Golispod as the only ability but still.
      Snom can be evolved quite early.

  8. Since today is the 10 year anniversary of Black & White, i want to start a new (randomized) playthrough of either title. But!! i want you, the great denizens of PokeJungle to make the rules for this playthrough.

  9. If I wanted to do an all bug team in SwooSh, who are the good ones. Centiskorch has to be in though, because I just really like it

  10. I hath returned from my screening of Onward and…. it was basically watching myself on the screen…

    If they switched Barely and Ian’s names it would have been exactly like me… ( which is my name)

    An excitable nerdy older brother just looking out for his sibling while trying to inact a great adventure…

    Not to keep stirring the pot but this movie just hits me so hard because I’m the eldest of my siblings and I’m extremely like Barley

  11. What could be cool is a Pokémon Colosseum/XD type game but it’s Pokkén. New fighters are Shadow Pokémon, there was already Shadow Mewtwo.

  12. Ok so after looking it up on Serebii

    This game is basically copy pasted from the og excluding a few differences like the quicker route to the post office, the Gen.4 statues obtaining method being changed, removal of Lucario Rank, removal of friend areas and the store (Which still I guess exists in the game but no Wigglytuff to run it)

    So yeah… this game is nothing more than a weaker, but more expensive version of a game I already own

  13. Clash Avenue Comic Update: So, I’ve been revising my pages for Chapter 1 – Here Comes a New Challenger! and have finished 7 pages.

    Located here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/3oGWzE

    At the bottom of each image is a “download” option and an “open in new tab” option. Use the latter as you get the full resolution and the images are more clear.

    I, unfortunately, don’t have as much time as I’d hoped for to make my inking lines cleaner, so I went with a “sketch” approach.

    Hope you all enjoy and thanks again for the amazing support!

  14. Somebody repeatedly used Surf in a raid where half the team were weak or double weak to it, killing us all off and losing us the raid. I was not pleased.

  15. I kinda feel bad for this game. Dropping it two weeks before Animal Crossing wasn’t wise. I personally would like to play it, but see absolutely no reason to buy it right now. This game should have dropped a month ago or been held till after ACNH.

    Especially since 2020 is currently a weak year for the Switch in terms of exclusives, they could have afforded to spread things out better. ACNH is the only really big franchise that’s slated to get something this year. Pokemon DLC doesn’t really count, as anticipated as it is for a lot of us. Xenoblade remaster doesn’t have a date yet either, but I’m guessing fall.

    The big bad boar EMBOAR!!!

    Taunt and jeer all you want, but never underestimate the power of Reckless STAB Flare Blitz, if Darmanitan has taught us anything is that any battle can be won if you hit it hard enough especially by a flaming piggy cannonball

    1. I put a reshiram on gts asking for a zacian and someone gave it to me within the day. Use past legends

    2. Make a second save file with another profile, catch the legendary there, transfer it toyour other save file with Pokemon Home or with someone helping you. Offer it in exchange for the other Legendary. Done. Also, if you have a legendary from another game they are basically giving out Zacian and Zamazenta for them on the GTS.

  17. It would be really cool if they had pokemon themed animal crossing villagers activated by the amiibo like they did with other nintendo franchises in New Leaf.

  18. I’m starting my Sword playthrough since I got the double pack when it first came out. Currently at the wild area doing some dex filling and my team right now is:

    Arrokuda level 11
    Scorbunny level 13

  19. What’s one Pokemon you would recommend to use from:

    1) FRLG
    2) HGSS
    3) Emerald
    4) Platinum
    5) BW
    6) BW2

    Trying to keep it to Pokemon introduced in each game, besides BW2 where its just anything in the Dex. Don’t really need starter recs either

  20. Alright, going to give the Alolan bugs another chance (they didn’t get much in SM/Usum tbf).

    All bug team:

    Galvantula aka Gizmo
    Centiskorch aka Gumstick
    Crustle aka Lasagnbug
    Araquanid aka Bugbles
    Orbeetle aka U.F.B.
    Frosmoth aka IceIceBuggy

  21. So just wanted to update for something I mentioned a few weeks ago. Drinking coffee in the mornings has helped me cut down on my soda intake a ton! Not only has it helped me cut down but it’s also helped get me on a more normal sleep schedule! Like I used to get to sleep sometimes at 3 am or later. Now I typically get to sleep by 1 am. Also used to wake up around 11 or later. Now I wake up before 9:30 most days. I drink 2 cups of coffee every morning. For a bit I drank 3 but I cut down it down. Going to attempt to cut down to one soon. Also pretty sure it’s helping me lose weight as well. I’m now down to a 36 in the waist pants after having to wear 38 for a few years. So happy about this!

    1. Forgot to mention how much soda I’m drinking now. Typically before I would drink maybe 2 cups a day. Now I’m barely drinking one. Probably the equivalent of one can of soda a day if even that!

  22. So Ash hasn’t caught a single Galar mon in the new series, not even the Galarian version of Mr Mime?

  23. Update for my sword playthrough! Just got to Turffield and havent started the gym yet but the team is:

    G. Slowpoke level 19
    Arrokuda level 19
    Raboot level 20

    1. You know you can’t evolve galarian slowpoke until the expansion releases right? Just want to make sure you know beforehand

  24. Mysterious Dungeons Update
    My Rescue Team aka “Top Squad” has been gaining traction with the local dungeon explorers and adventurers as our team grows by the day

    Earthen the rough and rock headed Cubone, clobbering foes with his trusty bone club
    Treecko the draconian youth who’s gnarly Dragonbreath overwhelmings the most hardened fighters
    And Phanpy the hungry hero, he’s always sniffing out his beloved apples but if you leave him the core he’ll roll you out flatter than a pancake!

    As our heroes save lives and take in more freedom fighters into Top Squad our base is currently being remodeled into “The Bone Den”

    1. Oh dear god I’ve played for 18+ hrs

      And one thing I’ve noticed is that even though I’m a wild and charismatic defender of good I kinda put off from helping people in dire need

      Diglett: left at the top of the mountain for almost a few days
      Metapod: Would evolved by the time I got to him…which was like maybe six days
      And the Mankey group starved to death because I’ve spent a fortnight attending the jobs of my clients

  25. On the topic of the Unova anime you know what is disappointing?

    The Maractus episode. This episode stands out to me because it is just awful.

    -Tries to show triple battles and fails cause it’s only to make the three Maractus in sync and last two turns
    -The Maractus are straight up annoying
    -Stupid plot cause it’s just them trying to be in a talent show and winning
    -They used the elongated BW opening in the middle of the episode (The og is fine but the extended version is possibly the worst opening of them all)

    I mean outside Ash’s team the BW stuff is pretty bad, but this episode always stood out to me

  26. Honestly? Onward was very enjoyable. It was Pratt’s best work since Parks and Rec and that’s coming from someone who does not like his constant portrayal of the exact same character. He is typecast because he can’t act, but I guess he’s hot, has charisma, used to be homeless so he’s humble and relatable, is religious, and is funny. He’s basically the perfect Hollywood leading man right now, I guess. But I digress. Tom Holland was incredible as usual. Much like his portrayal of Peter Parker, he’s really able to grab the audience and play a believable and modern teenager. You kind of want to hug him. Octavia Spencer and Julia Louis-Dreyfus do their best in a story that really does not accommodate them much. His mother by all means should have a very important role in a story about bringing back her dead husband, but she doesn’t really get any kind of arc there, I feel. I think the movie needed maybe one or two more scenes between the two female leads.

    On that note, the movie felt very short. It’s by no means the shortest Pixar movie, but I think the movie could have benefited from more scenes. Barley in particular I think needed more content. His whole thing is that he’s a big dopey “screwup,” but I don’t think they portrayed that well. They spend a lot of time on his physicality, he’s constantly knocking things over and roughing people up, but what about how the other characters feel about him? There’s zero sense that his mother wants him to move out and do more with his life. Ian never wants him to grow up, all he wants is for Ian to not pick him up from school because his personality is over the top and embarrassing. The movie tries its best to portray this by showing us a scene of him defending a landmark, but is that really indicative of being a screwup? His mother/brother never wanted anything else from him and at most he seems like a nuisance to law enforcement and maybe big corporations. I don’t recall them ever mentioning his unemployment, but at the end of the movie he has a throw away line that he has a job now.

    I must talk about the character and overall design/worldbuilding. This is pretty…mediocre. A Pixar take on DnD is super fun in concept and a lot of it IS in execution, especially coming from someone who plays it, but the actual designs for the races and the landscapes are uninspired. I’d say the Manticore is the only character that has a somewhat interesting take. Like the designs kind of seem like they spent very little time actually deciding how they would appear. Don’t get me wrong, Ian is ADORABLE, but the elves just kind of feel like a take that they saw on tumblr or deviantart. A good portion of the movie is also spent in the countryside, but I must say that while the animation was stunning, the design was boring. I remember a big, sweeping shot of them walking through like a riverbed with a cliff in the background and thinking, “that looks really nice, but how does this really push the idea of a fantasy-scape?” This could just be a shot from a regular adventure movie with no magical elements.

    Ultimately I think both the character and world designs are what have made this movie so lukewarm with audiences. People who see it seem to like it quite a bit (me,) but from the outside it doesn’t seem like much of an interesting take on a fantasy world at all. There’s even a point where the Centaur officer just gets out of his police truck and he literally is just…driving in a regular car. There are no special modifications to account for his huge horse body, he just struggles for a split second in getting out. That’s a really boring take on integrating fantasy and modern worlds and is probably the best example of how much of the world building in this movie needed more time and editing.

    Overall probably 7 or 8/10. Great, mainly for the story, but it’s not Toy Story or Incredibles. If this was/somehow is a huge success at the box office I think there could have been potential for a sequel.

  27. So did people want an Animal Crossing server on Discord? I’m currently making one (cause Earthen gave me the idea when he mentioned it)

    But how many would be interested?

  28. So since my teeth ache from my year long overdue cleaning (Not from neglect it is merely an issue with insurance)

    es fakemon tyme

    Cavitooth or Malenamel
    Maw Pkm
    Stench/Sturdy HA: Strong Jaw
    This grotesque pokemon consists of a black/purple stony material in the shape of a large ugly face, it lacks any other limbs or appendages, it has a massive mouth filled with diseased teeth filled with holes and green fumes. it has a slit nostrils and agitated pink eyes.
    “Cavitooth grind down anything that wanders too close to it, since it lacks a stomach it uses the large collection of bacteria to break down its prey for nutrients”
    “Bacteria and other filthy things inhabit Cavitooth’s mouths, just one whiff of its hazy fumes will leave you very very sick”

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