Pokémon GO reveals 2020 Lunar New Year event

The Lunar New Year will begin on January 25, and to celebrate Pokémon GO developer Niantic has come up with a special way to celebrate in-game. Check out the official details below:

Pokémon GO Lunar New Year Event

It’s time to welcome in the new lunar cycle with red Pokémon appearing more frequently in the wild, lucky bonuses, and the appearance of a Pokémon not previously found in Pokémon GO: Darumaka!

Date + Time

Friday, January 24, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. to Monday, February 3, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. PST (GMT −8)


  • Certain red Pokémon will be featured. Charmeleon, Vulpix, Parasect, Voltorb, Jynx, Magmar, Magikarp, Flareon, Slugma, Wurmple, Corphish, Kricketot, and Foongus will appear more frequently in the wild!
  • Gyashaa! If you’re lucky, you might spot a Gyarados in the wild. Will you be lucky enough to encounter the coveted red Shiny Gyarados?
  • Darumaka will hatch from 7 km Eggs. Some red Pokémon will be hatching from 7 km Eggs, such as Shuckle and Foongus. Making its Pokémon GO debut will be Darumaka, the Zen Charm Pokémon!


  • Gifts will have a chance of rewarding you with Rare Candies, so be sure to send and open lots of Gifts with your friends.
  • Be sure to trade more often with your friends—the likelihood of becoming Lucky Friends will be increased.
  • When you trade a Pokémon, there will be an increased chance it will become a Lucky Pokémon.

Minccino Limited Research

In celebration of the Year of the Rat, Minccino, the Chinchilla Pokémon, will be appearing in Pokémon GO for a special Limited Research event. Professor Willow has also uncovered that Minccino can evolve into Cinccino through use of a Unova Stone!

Date + Time

Sunday, February 2, 2020, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time


  • Field Research: Minccino Limited Research tasks will allow you to encounter Minccino.
  • Pokémon that fit the theme of the Year of the Rat will be appearing more frequently in the wild. Look out for Rattata, Raticate, Pikachu, Sandshrew, Nidoran♀, Nidoran♂, Sentret, Marill, Zigzagoon, Plusle, Minun, Bidoof, and Patrat.
  • Minccino in 5 km Eggs: Minccino will be hatching more frequently from 5 km Eggs. After the event ends, Minccino will continue to be available in 5 km Eggs.
  • Shiny Minccino will be available! If you’re lucky, you might encounter one!

You’re going to want to start hatching some eggs if you’re hoping to find a shiny Minccino, so prepare for some exercise! Since it has been made part of the event, what is your favorite red Pokémon?

Let us know in the comments or join the discussion on Discord!

  1. I mean yay Darumaka, but not to excited

    Also not excited due to my semester starting tomorrow and what’s the only class I have? The most boring class I’ve ever been in and how do I know it’ll be boring? Same Professor as last time, but just harder (Its an English class that is only about writing)

  2. Here’s a question… If a Pokemon is shiny, will to be shiny when it’s running around? Or, will you not know until you encounter and battle it? Like, if I see a wild Obstagoon running around, and it looks like a normal Obstagoon, does that mean it’s not shiny, or can it still be shiny?

  3. Wow Go finally is giving me a Safari event that isn’t in the other side of the f*cking country or Chicago

    But knowing my luck in Go its gonna be Heracross, Corsola, Carnivine and/or the Kanto exclusives (So literally all the region locked ones I already have)

    But if it’s a best case scenario then we’ll be getting Tropius, Torkoal, Sigilyph, Relicanth or Pachirisu

  4. Lunar year huh

    I want to perfect my Lunar Wolf Pokemon but i keep messing up the names every incarnation

    Lupup, Wargrowl or something Wulfang and Divinyr something majestic or inspiring
    But its dumb and nobody cares

    The idea is that its a Dark/Psychic type and they draw power from their pack, the more united their bonds with one another is the stronger they are

    1. I’ve been wondering the same, but I got some that have maxed out EVs and it’s not sparkling… so … not sure

  5. Ok I finally begrudgingly watched the trailer for Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution and wow did they destroy one of the greatest Pokemon movies there is

    The character animation is atrocious, the Pokemon look ok and the backgrounds and do too.
    The voice acting that isn’t Ash (which I expected would be the same as always which it was), but the others? Once again are just really bad except Dr.Fuji surprisingly who sounded just like he used to. The only thing it seems they changed was one of the Pokemon in the beginning, which was just bad because it took away a bit of the humor about how Ash’s Pikachu is strong enough to knock a Golem with Electricity (May have been an error but it at least added a bit of a comedic effect)

    So yeah… I suggest you avoid it. I doubt the actual movie would be better m

    1. You didn’t see how it looked when the Japanese trailer was shown?
      I agree though. As I’ve said before, the first movie is flawed but the animation is largely gorgeous. Yes there are animation mistakes, mostly to do with colours, but it still looks far better.
      It still feels pointless because they really added nothing new to it.
      Also Mewtwos’ armour is ridiculously cluttered in it and not a patch on the original.
      Honestly just watch the original.

  6. My fakemon gland needs some stretching and i just had a thought

    My Pseudo Legend is one i’m very proud of despite the typing
    it is a Dragon/Fairy Lucky Dragon, it is a small chi dragon with numerous lucky symbols in its design (Star forehead crest, horseshoe horns, clover tail, rainbow wings ect)

    And what about its anti Pseudo Legend? A Pokemon composed of unlucky symbolism
    Now this one is a tad trickier to do because history has provided more practical lucky objects than unlucky ones as they are more circumstance than physical

    So how does this sound
    Either a Dark/Dragon or Dark/Fairy/Flying Griffin with the body of a black cat and a raven beak and wings, it has soulless eyes that resemble cracked mirrors and a similar pair of horseshoe shaped horns but facing down and more ram like, and lastly it has 4 long wispy tails which is considered a unlucky number as it means death (unless somebody can think of a clever way to make it 13

    just a thought because i’m just trying to stay sane

    1. instead of (or in addition to?) the four tails, maybe put 13 spikes on its body somewhere

      anyway this whole concept slaps and i wanna use one of each

  7. I like the fact that anime showed that Ivysaur use Sweet Scent when it’s about to evolve ….in the game it learns this move when it’s Lv.30 while it evolve in Lv.32.

  8. Can I just say this year is a very strange looker for animated movies?

    Like it either looks like it’ll be really good (Both Pixar films coming), questionable (Scoob, I feel like it’ll definitely turn out at best ok, but not be the best of the year), or I fear it won’t live up to hopes (The Bob’s Burgers movie)

  9. Imagine people actually playing a game with a spreadsheet open to understand what they are saying because they think localization is censorship but they don’t wanna learn Japanese.

  10. Now that we are well into Sword and Shield, what would your team be if Pokemon were real? Can be from ANY regions and any combo of regions…

    1. Samurott, Beartic, Ninetales, Grimmsnarl, Galarian Darmanitan (Zen Mode), and Corviknight would be my team

    2. Hmmmmmmm well
      Rhyperior, Emboar, Heracross, Pangoro, Golisopod, Aerodactyl is my IAN Team but since half of them aren’t in Galar

      Rhyperior, Pangoro, Golisopod, Crustle, Kommo-o, and i’m debating adding Coalossal or Drednaw

  11. I really want to like Coalossal more than I do but i just can’t get over some design flaws…

    My problem stems from lack of symmetry and a few missed opportunities
    if i could redesign him
    -Stove like openings on the stomach that burn brightly
    -The shoulder protrusions would be equal length
    -Each hand would have even amount of digits (to those unfamiliar one hand is basically a mitten)
    -Add a tail instead of those odd stone planks on its back or maybe a vast container filled with coals
    -Lastly his eyes are permanently red and have a more gnarly teeth and facial plating

    I wouldn’t mind this is it was taller

    Is there Pokemon you like but wish had a better design?

    1. https://youtu.be/_n5E7feJHw0

      (Disclaimer: I am very much pro environmental fixing 110%, I work outside all the time and I see how careless and uncaring people are with their waste and its sickens me and greatly, especially when it affects our planet’s creatures)

    1. On one hand, your ice luxray is way better than mine, and that beedrill is p cool too

      On the other hand I’m suing you for damages for what you’ve done to furret

  12. Hey so there’s still another day and a bit of voting in the first phase of the Pokejungle Fakémon Coalition! If you want to sign up here’s the link: https://discord.gg/q7RAKf

    We’re basically making a Fakémon Region, as you could guess, and everything is done through voting to really give it a communal feel. You could even just join to share your opinion and vote, you don’t need to actively submit even though that’d be great!

    Right now we’re voting for the ‘theme’ of the region, like Kalos was beauty and Alola was life.

    Also posting this here as well just in case they’re not on discord often: Earthen and Valoroo are the two people on the server left to vote. You don’t need to vote every single week, I just believe that more voices more accurately reflect the aim of the project.

  13. I want to try something

    Tricky Pkm
    Magician/Unburden HA: Magic Bounce
    This rabbit pokemon resembles a nearly spherical ball of white fluff with extremely long broad ears that curl and fold in a way that resemble a top hat, on the outside it is solid black while the insides are multicolored red yellow and blue. Its eyes are shaped exactly like yellow stars with no pupils and wispy whiskers and peg like arms and feet. lastly its tail resembles a single flower

    “Hoppresto harbors immense psychic energy in its ears and haphazardly uses it, if it finds something or someone it likes it uses its powers to teleport them to an unknown location some are never heard from again”
    “Its incredible psychic power warps the surrounding area around it causing people to see things that aren’t there, it is blissfully unaware that its presence causes so much harm”

  14. Trying to find a shiny Impidimp but it’s hard!!! And you can’t breed it for some reason, it doesn’t like my Ditto…

  15. So I know nobody cares but I’ve been replaying the roms on my old laptop lately and I’m playing LeafGreen

    Badges: 4
    Charmeleon 30
    Mankey 26
    Sandslash 24
    Victreebel 28

    I’m debating on if I want to grind out tokens for a Scyther

  16. I hope we can buy Safari and Sport Balls in the DLC areas, the animations, especially for Safari, look great.

  17. Hi! Lurker here! Would anyone be able to help me with a Riolu? I’m trying to complete my dex and trying to find one has been a pain.

  18. LeefGran Update

    Badges: 5
    Charizard: 37
    Primeape: 30
    Sandslash: 29
    Victreebel: 32
    Snorlax: 30
    Kingler: 32

    Onward to the worst area of the game Silph Co.

  19. Whoot whoot 95 to go on the Dex till I get my Shiny Charm

    Entire Family lines I’m missing:
    Shellos, Barboach, Seedot, Binacle, Salandit, Elgyem, Cubchoo, Vullaby, Inkay, Hippopotas, Phantump, Type: Null, Electrike, Combee, Dwebble, Drifloon, Machop, Roggenrola, Scraggy and Noibat

    And a bunch of odd balls like Cutiefly and Wooper

  20. So i really didn’t mention this but i was actually in the city for the day (NYC for you Europeans) and sadly the Nintendo store was a tad underwhelming this year

    I was itching for some new figurines from Sword and Shield but nada, really just debut trailer plushies (Gossifluer and Eldegoss and Drednaw) and the “cosplay” Pikachus not the ORAS ones the Pokemon Center ones with Archie and Maxie ect

    I would’ve picked up a Drednaw but i didn’t like the stitching

    I miss the days when it was still the Pokemon Center and they had all the figurines and collectables but it just feels like a bygone era same with the gigantic Toys R Us siiiigh

    The only redeeming thing was i struck up a smash bros conversation with somebody who freaking understands how much the meta is a smoldering dumpster fire

  21. Hey dudes! If any of you feel like helping a brother out I need a few to finish my dex… mostly shield exclusives since I only have one switch.
    I think that’s about it… I would be glad to return the favor if someone would help me out! I can trade back if need be and would also offer shinys or special ball pokemon and or special balls and mints!

      1. That would be cool man. Monkey is going to help me out too so if you can help me fill some of the blanks that would be great! Let me know what I can do for you also!

  22. It’s really upsetting the Dorohedoro anime is turning out so terrible. But Eizouken is a nice surprise and a palette cleanser.

      1. Ash never caught Scyther?

        And it’s not about Galar, it’s all regions. They’ve traveled everywhere except Unova, Kalos and Alola so far

  23. OK now I’ve seen Ash get Dragonite I guess he will use it in battle. Though I do not really like that that’s his first catch this series and not a Galar ‘mon, or that the only real focus a Galar ‘mon has received so far is Scorbunny, much as I like it. I know we aren’t that far in but with this and the GO style of the series I don’t know I will really be interested in watching it. I really feel the Twilight Wings is more interesting and I would much like a side-series that is Galar focused with different characters.

    1. I kind of agree. Like the new season just feels bad, like Alola the animation was fine, but now some of the movements… are just plain stupid

      Story is a mess and feels like a rough start

  24. Help me finish this team:

    Cinderace, Grimmsnarl, Dragapult, Galarian Darmanitan, Espeon, _____________?

  25. Well this is upsetting. Bought the entire first season of Pokemon on DVD. I did indeed get it, but they gave me two copies of Volume 2 instead of a Volume 1

  26. What eeveelution to finish this team off:

    Inteleon, Corviknight, Beartic, Thievul, Galarian Rapidash, Leafeon or Flareon

    Cinderace, Dragapult, Grimmsnarl, Toxtricity, Galarian Darmanitan, Espeon/Vaporeon

    1. Thanks but I’m going to do my “whatever” teams instead…

      Inteleon, Beartic, Galarian Rapidash, Eiscue, Ninetales, Corviknight and Lapras (Gigantamax forms)

      Cinderace, Grimmsnarl, Thievul, Dragapult, Galarian Darmanitan, Hatterene and Toxtricity (gotta get their Gigantamax forms)

  27. So wrestling post. Watched the wwe Royal rumble last night and the men’s rumble match made me so happy for two reasons. One Drew McIntyre won it which he absolutely deserved. Two something I thought would never happen happened. After being forced to retire due to neck issues Edge returned. They must feel safe him going again to clear him which makes me so happy as a fan and even more happy for him since he’s one of the people who loves this business.

  28. Update on my Dex!
    Down to 55 left (Because I went crazy on catching stuff for a while)

    Some big ones I still don’t have are:
    Vullaby Family

    *=I could get them myself but it’d be a big hassle compared to asking for a touch trade

    Most of the others I can get where it won’t be painful to cause it’s stupid stuff like Krabby and Nincada or something easy to find like Gigalith

  29. Eizouken really understands both what makes people wanna do art and what a good piece of animation can make you feel.

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