Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal information added to the game guide library!

Hey, I’m back! (yay) After a few months (mostly because of school), I have finished making the game guides for Gold, Silver, and Crystal! This was fun to make as it took me back to memory lane. Got these games years back when I was younger and I never stopped playing it because there was SO MUCH to do!

Soooo nostalgic… 😲

Author’s note

So here are a few things I want to mention. No, Kanto was not added in this guide. 🙁 I felt that it would be repetitive to add it as it was very similar to the previous game. Please remember, there are minor changes in Kanto like a different gym leader, minor area changes, etc. Another thing is that the descriptions for the gym leaders weren’t as long as in the previous guide. I wanted to keep it short and sweet (not too sweet, however) so that the guide was more straight forward. I’m also assuming you probably know the weaknesses of a certain type. Sorry.

So, what’s next? 🤔

I’m going to be working on gen 3 (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Firered, and Leafgreen). I’m going to try to release both of those at the same time so stick around. 😛 I’m actually quite excited for gen 3 & 4’s guides because these games start to use animated sprites (somewhat in gen 3 :/ ) because I can use these images to make the guides more lively.

Thank you soooo much for reading this and hopefully the guides. I’m super glad I have the opportunity to help PokeJungle out with this fun little task. The best part is to release it to you, the readers! Please, please, PLEASE let me know if there are ANY errors in ANY game guide. We want these guides to be accurate so that the player can have no issues. My goal is to try to reach the current games so wish me luck! (Game Freak, take your time on the next games)

  1. Never played these games! Only ever played Heart gold. Maybe I’ll need to pick this up now! 🙂

  2. Nobody’s going to miss Gen 2 Kanto anyway, glorified boss rush with boring route trainers and no sense of level curve

    So you know, just slightly worse than Gen 4 Kanto

  3. less than half an hour til the direct. congrats to everyone who gets their character today! and a further shoutout to everyone who got their character in the fighter’s pass overall

  4. This is freaking hilarious. Female needs to be default, but honestly, her ripped tights design is so bad

    1. Well without them what would she look like? Like the male version, but female? Without any sexualisation? We can’t have that

  5. “Look at this more interesting characters we could’ve made into DLC fighters instead. They are costumes. 2 dollars for each, please”.

    1. They’re not more interesting at all. I respect your opinion but Shıthead isn’t objectively a better choice at all

  6. I love how the one time Sakurai actually did hide conspiracy theory level symbolism in the thumbnail NO ONE guessed it lol

    (And I know people guessed that 3 fingers is for 3 houses, but I mean the binary hand code 17)

  7. Still, even with a disappointing last pick…. Still better value than the Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC LMAO

  8. … My thoughts

    -Byleth… well at least she’s not all Sword, but FE is a bit too saturated for it’s own good at this point
    -The stage absolutely sucks. It’s a rehashed Castle Siege with Shadow Mosses Island and Bridge of Eldin
    -Cuphead got in so I’m hype!
    -Knowing 6 more DLC coming excites me
    -Why did they add a lot more Megaman costumes?

    Over all this was… Eh very very eh. The only thing I truly enjoyed was knowing Cuphead is in the rest was… just decent to meh

  9. Fun fact: If you want an indie rep you might get it! Only as a Mii costume with a song

    Think about it Sans and Cuphead are very beloved and wanted characters that are Indies, both DLC costumes. I think all future DLC will add in one special Indie costume as well, then in a sixth game maybe they’ll all be bumped up to full fighters

  10. Nintendo’s not stupid, they obviously know this was a controversial pick (hell they even made a jab at it in the trailer)

    I’m not a fire emblem fan by any means (I’ve tried awakening but hated it) but this character seems interesting and I’m glad sakurai gave them a unique and expressive moveset. Now I need to decide whether I like male or female Byleth better.

  11. Ok, thoughts on Byleth:
    -I love how he looks, and I dig the alt colors
    -His moveset is a lot more diverse than I thought, did not expect him to pull the 3 Legendary Weapons
    -Garreg Mach looks amazing and I can’t wait to play on it
    -The music (unsurprisingly) is really good, though I wish we got more Remixes
    -FS is not my favorite, but I like it for what it is

    Overall, I’m super excited for Byleth. He looks really fun to play and I can’t wait to get my hands on him. Also, It’s really cool we’re getting 6 more characters, and I can’t wait to see who they are

  12. Fire Emblem: Is a series based around fighting, very well received, got Players Voice at TGA (obvs choice was made before then but it just shows the game’s popularity), has ongoing DLC

    Smash Fans: >:( Byleth baddy bad I must insult the character, the developer, and their fans >:(

    1. Smash fans are basically Pokemon fans tbh.
      Unsatisfied if it isn’t exactly what they want and resort to insults and tantrums to get their way. At least that’s the way both look as of now

  13. Just putting this out there: It’s okay to be disappointed in Byleth. What matters is not being an ass about it. Some people (Like me) are really happy with Byleth. I get that people might be upset because “It’s another Fire Emblem character”, but I’d argue they have the most unique moveset of all of them. Besides, there are 6 more characters coming, and there’s a good chance at least one of them might be one you want

  14. Yo, I just realized that the best 3H character Gatekeeper is in the Garreg Mach stage. 10/10 Best stage ever, eat your heart out Mementos

    1. Still doesn’t convince

      Honestly the only thing I truly will say I dislike here is the stage because it’s a rehash of other stages put together

  15. I’m gonna say this only one time I just know Bleth will be a colossal pain in the ass once he is released, every FE character is notoriously cheap

  16. Byleth looks fun to play, but the character selection itself is pretty uninteresting considering that Fire Emblem already has a lot of characters in the roster and the previous fighters all represented franchises with no representation on the roster and we already had DQ Hero, a swordsman, in the DLC, so eh.

    Don’t blame people for not finding Fire Emblem Swordsman #10 exciting.

  17. One thing that could’ve lowered the negative reaction would’ve been to release Byleth before Banjo or Terry, not close the pass with it as that kinda creates an expectation of escalation.

  18. I don’t really mind Byleth I guess he’s just the least interesting pick they could’ve gone with. Especially with the picks we got in the rest of the past, I really wanted someone more out there.

    Luckily there’s another six fucking characters coming out so I’m fine

    Come on let’s get Quote Cave Story

  19. It’s almost a joke another fire emblem character gets the spot. Glad I didn’t waste money on the fighters pass

  20. How good is 3 houses? The premise seems interesting but I really cant stand the gameplay of fire emblem. The one I played (awakening) had me grinding for hours upon hours, then they doubled my roster halfway through and I just said f*** it I dont have time to grind all these characters. I never lost anyone but I probably would have reset if I did.

  21. So I’m guessing we’re gonna get a couple more Miis + tracks from Internet Popular Indie games in FP2
    So I’m thinking we could get ones from:
    Untitled Goose Game (as I said, I NEED it)
    Hollow Knight (sorry yall, but it’s more likely than a full fighter)
    Super Meat Boy
    (Maybe Shovel knight, but we have the AT already)

  22. Byleth in Smash but instead of being another swordsman it instead commands the three House heads and alternates between them like the Pokemon trainer by switching save files.

  23. Funny story. So a month or so ago I checked my trainer card and realized I had somewhere encountered one shiny unbeknownst to myself. I checked the dex and found it was a Basculin I must have run away from considering its shiny is just really close to its actual form. But now I just happened to be doing trades using the reddit community codes and found I actually DID catch the shiny Basculin and didn’t realize it and it’s just been chilling in my box the whole time.

    1. “At least he gets something”
      It’s literally the best selling game of all time, that would be worse than nothing

    2. 3 I would like, 1 I would be fine with and 2 I don’t care about. Better than the first pass.

      Ori as a Brawler or Gunner skin? And I say skin because I’d want it closer to how thy did Cuphead.

  24. Uhh okay so I guess. Ideal roster not including Midna because like. Yeah I know she ain’t happening

    – Quote (Cave Story)
    – Phoenix Wright
    – Ametaratsu
    – Doom Slayer I guess
    – Agnes
    – Crash Bandicoot

    As for characters I want but probably wont happen

    – Geno
    – Midna and Wolf Link
    – Elma from Xenoblade Chronicles X
    – I would also take Reyn or Fiora from XC1
    – Shovel Knight
    – my dnd characters

  25. Ideal roster for me:

    Cooking Mama
    Hornet/ The Knight
    Goomba Tower

    (Slightly memeing here bitch only SLIGHTLY)

  26. Ideal Rooster
    -Vibrant feather colors
    -Gallant strut
    -Ruby red comb
    -Good protectionism towards the other hens

    The absolute fk am I talking about….

    My Smash Roster
    -Shovel Knight
    -Dr. Eggman

  27. Not too hyped about the final fighters pass character. Happy for people wanted it though. Just happy there are six more characters coming. Still holding out some hope for crash bandicoot. And calling it the sixth one is geno. Not even a character I know about but I just feel it’ll happen since Sakurai himself has wanted him for years now. Could also see a gen 8 Pokémon rep. Maybe Urshifu?

  28. Top 6 Pokemon you want to return that aren’t already confirmed/implied?

    1) Florges
    2) Sinnoh Starters (Cheating here but you can’t have one without the others, even Squirtle and Bulbasaur were in SS’s code)
    3) Aggron
    4) Staraptor
    5) Ampharos
    6) Mienshao

  29. I guess we are all doing our dream passes
    1. Dante
    3. Travis Touchdown
    4. Shantae (she has a new game coming, so she could get a new appearance, making her spirit not matter)
    5. Lara Croft
    6. Crash or Spyro

    I also really, really, really want Cooking Mama but that isn’t necessarily feasible

    1. I could see Urshifu with itself as its own echo as a fighter tbh. Rapid and Single strike both represented.

  30. I could see us getting Urshifu/Calyrex either at e3 or in fall to align with the release of either Isle or Armor or Crown Tundra

  31. I am very much on death’s doormat
    We’re having hurricane grade winds and my cold/flu isn’t getting better and every cough makes my headache worse, I need either a cure-all or a burial plot
    And i want one of you to dictate my tombstone’s writing

    Best one wins

  32. If you had to choose between the Gigantamax Kanto Starters and the Mega Kanto starters purely from a design standpoint, who’d it be and why?

    For me it’s Gmax. Charizard X is better than all of the Gmaxes and Y is on the same level as Gigantazard but goodness Gigantamax Venusaur and Blastoise do both their OGs and Gmaxes in general justice

  33. Ideal FP#2

    Agnés Oblige
    Lara Croft
    Gen 8 Pokémon
    A Digimon
    Crash Bandicoot


    Halo man Mister Handkerchief
    The Fruit .jpg from FE3H (has blue hair and uses a sword)
    Jeff from Minecrufts
    MOOD Guy
    Residential Evil Chris/Jill
    A Zedla

  34. Something I just noticed about the Kanto Gmaxes: each has glowy shapes on their lower body. Charizard has diamonds, Venusaur has pentagons, and Blastoise has triangles. I love this theme cohesion, makes them feel united as a trio.

    I know it’s cool to hate Kanto, but I genuinely believe that the Kanto trio are the most ‘balanced’ of all starter trios. They strike the right balance of cohesion amongst their individual and group themes and designs, and walk gracefully on the line between simple and complex.

    It’s just ashame Gen 2 didn’t make them Fire/Dragon and Water/Steel like they deserved uwu

    1. I too love how Charizard and Venusaur have big weapons to match Blastoise

      Sinnoh ones mesh the best, imo, but I think the Kanto gigas all look nice together esp with the removal of Blastoise’s cannons

  35. I already shared my dream fighters pass, so here’s my realistic guesses
    1. Doomguy
    2. Travis Touchdown
    3. Ryu Hayabusa
    4. Crash
    5. Rayman
    6. 1 first party (either Urshifu/Calyrex, a starter, or someone important for Nintendo’s big holiday game, whichever year this would come out, maybe a Zelda character or Metroid)

    Edit: I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve decided Rayman should Replace Steve

  36. Dream Pass:
    1. Midna gets promoted to playable, her AT seat is filled by Zant
    2. Skull Kid gets promoted to playable, his AT seat is filled by Garo Master
    3. Krystal gets promoted to playable, her AT seat is filled by Slippy
    4. Phosphora gets promoted to playable, her AT seat is filled by Pyrrhon
    5. the blue fairy grants Sans his wish to become a real boy
    6. Midday or Dusk Lycanroc

    hey, nobody said it had to be possible. really though, the only character i have left to hope for is Porky Minch. most of what i want has been deconfirmed since the initial E3 reveal, and the rest were shot down one by one over time. i can think of three or four more characters i might enjoy, but calling them “Dream” picks feels generous

    but hey! i got Ridley, i got Wolf back, and i didn’t lose any more characters. that’s more than i can say about last game. i should probably be grateful for that

  37. Well I’ve finished the main story in Dragon Quest 11. Such an excellent game. So happy my friend gave me it as a gift. Going to continue and see what is hidden away for me to discover now once I wake up. Will hopefully start Astral chain sometime soon as well.

  38. Is there a way to trade grookey with someone here without having a Nintendo online subscription?

  39. If Sakurai were to choose a Gen 8 starter to put in, using the same logic he used to pick Incineroar, he’d pick Inteleon.
    He picked Inci because Wrestler/Grappler was a cool trope that wasn’t repped in smash
    He would pick Inteleon because Spy is a cool trope unrepped in smash. James Bond was conidered for Smash a long time ago, but wouldn’t be a possibility now. So maybe Inteleon could get in because it’s the closest possibility to Bond

    1. Do you have a Tyrougue? YOu can just give it some protein and EXP Candy and have a Hitmonlee in seconds.

  40. Smash DLC needs to be exclusively new series with no representation in the existing roster. No more Pokemon, Zelda, Mario or Fire Emblem, definetly not more FIre Emblem.

    1. Nah, that’s dumb imo. Smash has plenty of series with only 1-3 reps, many of which are popular enough and/or have adaptable characters.

      Hell, whether even I lke it or not, I can acknowledge stuff like Mario, Pokemon, and FE deserve get reps because of their commercial and critical reception and ease of adaption. It’s these safer picks that fill out content and draw in money to give us riskier and more unique picks.

      1. Because they are charging 5 dollars a piece for each new fighter, and if they insist on charging for them first and showing you what they are later then they better be something unique and exciting, not another Fire Emblem Swordsman.

  41. Lbh for a sec. Sakurai adding FP characters shouldn’t be unexpected for DLC.
    Like think about it they are way way easier than getting third parties which requires him to go and have to ask a ton of people just to get the character themself in on top of more stuff as well while FP’s he just says imma do this and doesn’t have to ask anyone

    Plus he just gave us a ton of characters we asked for and pleased everyone with, shouldn’t Sakurai get one character that he wants?

  42. Guys, not being excited or not liking the latest Smash DLC character or even having an opinion on what one wans to see in the DLC pass moving forward isn’t a personal attack on Rock Star Developer Masahiro Sakurai-Sama, the being of light.

  43. Here’s a new theory: This was supposed to be Doomguy. Doom Eternal was delayed and so was he. My biggest evidence for this is that the trailer for Byleth makes it seem like it was supposed to be a trailer that makes you not think into smash like Isabelle’s. That’s it. It didn’t have to be Doomguy but that’s my best guess because his game was delayed

    1. Checks out time-wise, I’d love it if that happened. The only real problem with Doomguy plans for FP1 with this is the quote from Doom developers in late 2019 saying “We would love to do that, or smash brothers, …”,

  44. So, I bit the bullet and bought the PS4 version of Trails of Cold Steel 3, then they announce the Switch port 3 days later…. NOW I beat Trails of Cold Steel 3 this week, and today they announce not only the PC port but also that is coming out in March, the same month as my birthday.

    I am defo selling this plastic brick.

  45. Watching the Japanese version of the Expansion Pass trailer and it’s at least confirmed that Galarian Slowbro has a purple head that matches Slowpoke’s yellow one — I wonder if it’ll be completely free of a shell or if it’ll be clamped onto it’s left arm, since we know it’s definitely not on the tail anymore

    Honestly I just hope it’s psychic/poison <3 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a0066b6de8c1b83f277a38f43b911ebde32c1807ba1b895d72cac2f55ab125e8.png

    1. It most likely is Poison which would be cool. I would like if they stopped giving new combos to forms though.

    2. I think the two new rivals will each use one slowpoke evolution. Either Slowbro or slowking will be poison to match Kara’s typing. The other will either be pure Psychic or (looking at slowking’s design) either ghost or dark

  46. Reminder the creators of Go are pieces of sh*t

    Trading was already a hassle and a pain especially cause no trade backs, now they’ve made it where you either can help your friend evolve Pokemon for ridiculous costs or pay 200 candy for already extremely rare Pokemon to evolve them yourself

  47. Garchomp is best pseudo and the dumbest cut in SS change my mind

    Also hope IoA or CT have Galarian Luxray

  48. Oh yeah! Finally getting around to answering a question from the other day. 6 pokemon I wanna see come back:
    – Torterra
    – Typhlosion
    – Mienshao
    – Sawsbuck
    – Smeargle
    – Sandslash, both vanilla and Alolan

    If more than half of those show up, I might not even use any new pokemon if I cave in and buy the game lmfao

  49. so i’m all kinds of angry

    One of my lesser friends got into sword and shield and he’s acting like his team is hot sh*t
    Bragging how his Cinderace is the best because of the “Brave” nature and his Mudsdale was impish and with stamina and he actually is running Stockpile, swallow and spit up on a freaking Greedent

    And he won’t battle me (so i can put him in his place) because I’m not worth his time he just knows i am the best Pokemon player he knows and doesn’t want to get curb stomped

  50. So my day has gone from bad to horribly worse

    My back-up thingy is taking way too much normally it only needs like 7-12g of backing up but this week its freaking 70gs of space being backed up, i barely use my computer these days and somehow it manages to need that much WTF

    and the freaking C drive i back up only uses like is only 223gs and yet somehow i use up like 831g……

    I cannot take this kinda stress anymore, i know literally nothing about computers and I just want everything to be safe and functioning and yet this kinda stuff happens….

  51. Some dumbf*k got into a Gmax Lapras Raid with a Lightningrod Togedemaru and made us waste our electric moves until he died.

  52. Any chance anyone here wants to do a ditto swap? I have a 4IV USA one and looking for a foreign one with IVs. I plan on finding a 5IV one hopefully tomorrow, if that’s more enticing.

    1. Go into a Link trade with the code 4448, that’s the “ditto trading” code, jut, right before agreeing to the trade check it’s summary to make sure it’s a non english one.

  53. Here’s a crazy idea that’s not gonna happen. Sly Cooper 5 finally happens and is a launch title for PS5, Sly is in Smash. Sakurai tells us to buy a PS5

  54. Sooooooo, i’m looking for a Pincurchin breedject. If it has 0 IVs in speed & HA (E.Surge) that’d be neat but its not a requirement.

  55. so an beautifully ugly rumor is floating around and it’s saying we’re getting a “Return to form” Paper Mario and 2D Metroid

    and i have one one thing to say about that
    *Straightens my collar and takes a sip of water*

    Have i made myself clear

  56. My Galar Newcomers team;


  57. Ordered Let’s Go Eevee. Had a Best Buy gift card. Any other games I should look into? What are those Digimon ones?

  58. Hi clowns join the Fakemon Coalition we have barely active servers and late Google forms


    Basically, it’s a for-fun project where me make Fakemon and a region for them to inhabit. It’s making a Pokemon game, but less stressful because there’s not an end product to worry about. Right now we’re voting for the theme of the project, and whilst it’s too late to submit it’s not too late to vote, as it’s open for a week!

  59. I just had THE best idea for a Crash reveal trailer! It would start out like those old commercials of a dude in a crash costume yelling outside Nintendo HQ, and then a dude in a Mario costume (or Sakurai himself) would cone out and give him an invitation, cue gameplay

  60. Since it was brought up, how do yall imagine the reveal trailer for your most wanted smash character would look like?

    1. Goku is shown training in a desert, then an envelope falls from the Sky and he grabs it, it has the Smash seal on it…. then Travis Touchdown appears from behind and cuts his fingers off with his lightsaber, cuts him in half and takes the letter and says “Sorry man, Anime is illegal now”.

    2. Well I picked the one I can think of even if it’s not my most wanted

      The scene starts in Bowser’s Castle with Mario, Sonic, Megaman, Joker and most of the big main heroes locked up and Bowser laughing maniacally thinking all hope is lost when all of a sudden you can see a vertical line moving behind him just hopping behind him making his way to the cell to break them out till Bowser finally turns around stunned, but then it zooms in on the line only for it to spin around and reveal its Paper Mario!

      Paper Mario slips through the cracks!!

  61. I wonder if the Expansion Passes will introduce a way to evolve Pokemon to their alolan forms like how you could evolve Pikachu and Eggsecute to their Kantonian forms in you evolved them in Ultra Space. I have been keeping my Shiny Pikachu unevolved just in case I can turn it into A-Raichu.

  62. In regards to the expansion passes is Isle just for Sword and Crown for Shield or is there a Isle and a Crown for both games?

  63. Here’s something fun I saw for smash
    Pick someone from a series not in smash
    A character you would love to see in smash
    A character your closest friend would want in smash
    A character that no one expects/never appears in speculation
    A character from a series already represented in smash
    A character that would make everyone super hype

    Chell from Portal
    Kat from Gravity Rush
    Lara Croft
    Cooking Mama
    Ryuji from Persona
    Crash Bandicoot

  64. Which team:

    Inteleon, Corviknight, Beartic, Ninetales, Galarian Rapidash, Umbreon

    Inteleon, Corviknight, Beartic, Ninetales, Obstagoon, Leafeon

    Inteleon, Corviknight, Beartic, Ninetales, Galarian Rapidash, Leafeon

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