Characters of Pokémon Gold, Silver & Crystal


Ethan is the main character in Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal. He is the boy character that you can choose during Elm’s long speech.


For the first time in a Pokémon Game, in Pokémon Crystal, you have the ability to choose between a girl or a boy (Kris or Ethan). Whomever you choose, the opposite gender character will be one of your friends.

Professor Elm

Professor Elm is the first professor you meet in New Bark Town in the Johto Region. He introduces the 3 starter Pokémon you can choose from: Totodile, Chikorita, Cyndaquil. From there, he’ll wish you luck on your new adventure.


You meet Silver in New Bark Town. You first see him staring into the professor’s lab at the starter Pokémon. Once you’ve left town, he makes his move and steals one of the starter Pokémon and has you battle him. At first, his name appears as ??? as you don’t know who he is. Silver is found out to be Giovanni’s son, a part of Team Rocket.


Mom in these games makes a small role. She will offer to save some of your money that you win each battle. You can speak to her to withdraw the money from her.

Team Rocket

Team Rocket is back! After Giovanni decided to disband this evil team, some of the members decided to continue this team. You’ll encounter these villains in the Goldenrod take over and other events.

Professor Oak

He’s back! You meet Professor Oak in Pallet Town to have him evaluate your Pokedex. He doesn’t do much in these games like in the previous game.